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Palang Todd Jarurat is a talked about Indian web series on popular ott platform ullu. The release date of this Palang Tod Zaroorat webseries has already been  announced which has increased the excitement among the viewers who love the webseries. 

The ullu app has announced the release date of the popular web series palangtod zaroorat on April 19,

You can enjoy this new Hindi webseries called palangtod zaroorat through Ullu app. 


Let us now know about the actors and actresses of palangtod zaroorat webseries.

Palangtod zaroorat webseries is a series of popular actors and actresses who have 
won the hearts of the audience with their performances. Their names are  given below.

Palang tod Zaroorat

Palangtod Zaroorat Webseries Cast :

  • Sharanya Jit Kaur
  • Neeraj Singh Rajput as Ganesh
  • Ravi Mishra as Kamlesh
  • Vaidehee Bhave as Tejaswini

The story of the Palangtod zaroorat webseries is as follows:

The story is about the behavior of a beautiful woman in the palangtod zaroorat webseries. The story shows how the woman cares for a sick man lying in bed!

How does the beautiful woman care for the sick man? Can the person recover again? 

You have to enjoy the Palangtod zaroorat webseries to learn many such things.

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Short Details about Palangtod Zaroorat Webseries .

Palangtod Zaroorat Webseries Genre: 18+, Drama

Palangtod Zaroorat webseries Release date: 19 April

Palangtod Zaroorat webseries Language: Hindi

Palangtod Zaroorat webseries Released Platform: Ullu App.

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