Mumtahina Jahan aria age , biography, education and physical appearance.

Mumtahina Jahan aria lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She is about 24 years old and looks very beautiful. She is a Bangladeshi model and social media influencer. He has a lot of fans on Instagram and Facebook. She is also known as Mumtahina or MJA on social media. 

Mumtahina Jahan

About his early life and education.

Mumtahina Jahan aria was born on 22 November 2000 in Dhaka city of Bangladesh. Her religion is Muslim and nationality is Bangladeshi. She obtained a B.A degree in Arts from Cantonment Girls' Public School & College, Dhaka.

After that he obtained Master degree from American International University-Bangladesh.

She loves cats and has two cats named Amber and Olizor. And he likes to do sky photography with his mobile camera. She also likes to wear saree, the traditional dress of Bangladesh. She likes to eat different types of food, especially biryani, which is a rice dish with meat and spices.

His career and achievements.

Mumtahina Jahan started her modeling career on 10th November 2023 through Instagram. She currently keeps posting photos and videos of her life and work on Instagram. You can see her through Instagram, she has two Instagram accounts, one named @Mumtahinaa_, where she has 262k followers and it is her main account, and her 2nd accounts named @somumtahina which is her personal account.

He tells his followers to “Imagine, Believe, Achieve”.

Income and Networth.

Mumtahina Jahan

She does paid promotions and collaborations to promote cosmetics, clothes and other brands, for which she gets money. So far he has made 71 posts on Instagram.

She has many followers who like her style and personality. His monthly income is approximately $542 USD. And also his net worth is estimated at $19,279.78 USD.

He is invited as a guest in many programs and shows. A few days ago, he participated in the podcast of Facebook page called ex leave a mark.

Body measurements and favorite foods.

Mumtahina Jahan's figure is very beautiful and attractive. Talking about her body measurements, her bust is 38-39 inches, waist: 23-25 inches, hips: 34-38 inches and her weight is around 59 kg.

Mumtahina Jahan Jahan loves to eat spicy food. His favorite food names are Biryani, Pani Puri (Phuchka/Golgappa), Jilapi, Hilsa Fish Curry, Shorshe Ilish, Kachchi Biryani, Mishti Doi, Pitha.

Full NameMumtahina Jahan Aria
Age24 years old
ProfessionBangladeshi Model, Social Media Influencer
Birthdate22 November 2000
BirthplaceDhaka, Bangladesh
EducationB.A in Arts (Cantonment Girls' Public School & College, Dhaka), Master's Degree (American International University-Bangladesh)
PetsTwo cats - Amber and Olizor
HobbiesSky photography, wearing saree
Favorite FoodsBiryani, Pani Puri, Jilapi, Hilsa Fish Curry, Shorshe Ilish, Kachchi Biryani, Mishti Doi, Pitha
Instagram Accounts@Mumtahinaa_ (262k followers - Main account), @somumtahina (Personal account)
Motto"Imagine, Believe, Achieve"
Monthly Income Approximately $542 USD
Net Worth Approximately $19,279.78 USD
Podcast AppearanceParticipated in a podcast on the Facebook page "ex leave a mark"
Body MeasurementsBust: 38-39 inches, Waist: 23-25 inches, Hips: 34-38 inches, Weight: 59 kg
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