Aayushi Jaiswal web series watch online 2023

Aayushi jaiswal new web series 2023.


Aayushi Jaiswal is a new Indian internet serial actress she has worked in popular ott platform time like ullu , mx Player, rabbit movies. One of his most popular web series is Hotspot.
He gained popularity among the audience with the internet series Hotspot, which was released on the Ullu ott platform. Aayushi loves acting as well as modeling.

He has millions of fans on social media.

Aayushi jaiswal new web series

Aayushi jaiswal new Instagram photo.

Aayushi jaiswal web series
Aayushi Jaiswal

Aayushi Jaiswal web series list. 

1) Hotspot Charr Charr

Aayushi Jaiswal

This is a popular Hindi web series.


There are many interesting characters. The story is about a bed. Hotspot Charr Charr web series was released on ullu original. Hotspot Charr Charr stars aayushi jaiswa in the lead role. Hotspot charr charr online is also starring several other popular actors and actresses. Aaayushi looks very beautiful. The audience is delighted with his performance.

Hotspot Charr Charr ullu series trailer has been enjoyed by a lot of people on YouTube.

2) Kamar Ki Naap Charmsukh

Aayushi jaiswal

This is one of the most watched charmsukh episodes of ullu. There are no words to describe the story of Kamar Ki Naap Charmsukh. Kamar Ki Naap Charmsukh is an ullu online serial that is being watched by the audience. Kamar Ki Naap Charmsukh trailer on youtube has been enjoyed by millions of people. Aayushi Jaiswa is making a stir with her acting in the online serial Kamar Ki Naap Charmsukh. He is acting very beautifully. The film lovers are delighted to see his performance.

The story of Kamar Ki Naap Charmsukh web series shows a newly married lady. The woman goes to an experienced woman named cinki to learn how to sew clothes. And you have to watch the entire Kamar Ki Naap Charmsukh web series to know what happens next.

3) Damaad Ji Palang Tod.

Aayushi jaiswal

Damaad Ji Palang Tod is a very interesting web series released in Ullu original. Damaad Ji Palang Tod is a series that I want to watch again and again. Damaad Ji Palang Tod is an interesting character played by aayushi Jaiswal.

I love watching aayushi's performance in Damaad Ji Palang Tod. The series also stars Rajsi Verma. The trailer of the series went viral on social media in a very short time. The main reason for this was the two actresses who starred in the series.

The story of the popular Damaad Ji Palang Tod serial is thrilling.

4) Southern Char.

Aayushi jaiswal

Chaar Saheliya is a much talked about internet series released on the ott platform called Voovi. Chaar Saheliya is an internet series that has been enjoyed by many viewers.

Aayushi is playing an important role in the web series Chaar Saheliya which was released on Voovi. Rekha Mona Sarkar is also in the serial Chaar Saheliya. The film stars Muskaan Agarwal, Paromita, Zaid Ahmad Khan Akshar,Gaurav, Shubham Pandey and others. The story of the series on the internet is exciting and full of suspense.

The story tells the story of four girls living in a village.

The girls who live in the village are bushi, Sampha, Basoni, and Sanda , they are good friends of each other. To know more about them, you have to watch the series Chaar Saheliya released on voovi.

5) Damad Ji Palang Tod

Aayushi jaiswal

Damad Ji Palang Tod 2 is a popular web series released on ullu original. Damad Ji Palang Tod 2 is a beautiful character played by aayushi jaiswa. And he also stars Rajsi Verma.

Rajsi and aayushi's performance is very popular. They both look very beautiful in the series. Several episodes and seasons of Damad Ji Palang Tod 2 are available on the internet. All the episodes have interesting stories. The trailer of the internet series has been enjoyed by many viewers on YouTube. In addition, each of the actresses who starred in these controversial serials became popular among the audience within a short period of time. And their fan base on social media began to grow.

Damad Ji Palang Tod 2 is an exciting story. Every moment of this series is filled with joy.

If you like watching such internet series, you can watch this one.

6) Namard

Aayushi jaiswal

Namard is a popular internet web series.

Aayushi is playing an important role in the serial Namard. The series was released on the ott platform boom movies and was widely popular among the audience. The story of the Namard online series is full of suspense. Every actress and actor in it is beautiful. Namard is a serial released on 23 November 2021 in Boom movies.

If you want to watch the online series Namard, you can enjoy it at home with the Boom ott platform.

7) chhinar

Aayushi jaiswal

Chhinar is a much talked about online series that was released on September 24, There are 4 episodes of the famous web series Chhinar available on the Internet. Aayushi is the one

She has been playing the lead role in the popular internet series Chhinar. Along with Aayushi Jaiswal, chhinar stars Vinod Tripathi and Hrithik Jadhav. chhinar web series available on the internet. If you are interested in the story of this series, you can watch chhinar. The Chhinar trailer has gone viral on YouTube. The audience has enjoyed the story of Chhinar.

8) Criminal life

Aayushi jaiswal

Aayushi Jaiswal is a famous serial available online.

Criminal life is a series starring aayushi and other famous actors and actresses. Viewers have enjoyed watching the story of Criminal life online series. This series was released on the ott platform called mx player. Criminal life is currently available on Mx player.

9) Maya.

Aayushi jaiswal

Maya released on Hothit is another talked about online serial of aayushi. The Maya web series was released on 25 September

Maya, who is mentioned in the internat series, is a very successful supermodel and is famous for her beauty. Her modeling photos have appeared on the front pages of various magazines. But you will enjoy the Maya internet series to learn how she later became successful in the modeling world.

10) 61-6

Aayushi jaiswal

A popular online movie released on a new ott platform called Digi movieplex, which produces online series.

61 62 web series is an important role for aayushi. His performance in 61 62 has delighted everyone. 61 62 is a new series from Digi movieplex. 61 63 also stars Rajsi Verma. Several episodes of the series are available on the Internet at Digi movieplex.

11) Bhoot Bungla

Aayushi jaiswal

An interesting internet series released in Dream film a few days ago. Bhoot Bungla trailer has been enjoyed by countless people on social media. Bhoot Bungla is an interesting internet series of Dream film. Earlier, Dream film launched a web series called pap starring priya Gamre.

The Bhoot Bungla trailer gives an idea of ​​the story of the web series. Bhoot Bungla stars aayushi Jaiswal in the lead role. He is seen in a very attractive appearance in Bhoot Bungla. He has done a beautiful performance here. The public is delighted to see the performance of every actress actor in Bhoot Bungla.

12) lady Finger .

"Lady Finger" is an upcoming web series by Ullu, featuring Aayushi Jaiswal, Mahi Kaur, and Pallavi Debnath in lead roles. The series is set to release on October 4, 2022. The plot revolves around a couple where the wife, portrayed by Aayushi Jaiswal, starts doubting her husband's fidelity. Seeking help, she turns to her friend, played by Mahi Kaur, who suggests hiring a woman to tempt her husband and test his loyalty. As the story unfolds, unexpected twists and turns arise, exposing the true nature of the characters. Pallavi Debnath is rumored to portray the woman who is having an extramarital affair with Aayushi Jaiswal's husband. The trailer of the series is available on the official Ullu app, offering a glimpse into the suspenseful storyline.

13) Samne wali khidki.

"Samne Wali Khidki" is a web series on the Ullu app. It revolves around two young couples and explores themes of cheating, deceit, friendship, and relationships. The series features Aayushi Jaiswal, Ruks, Karan Mehra, and Shahalam Khan in lead roles. It will be available for streaming on the Ullu app from September 6, 2022, in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Bhojpuri languages.

14) Double kaand.

15) Badan.

"Badan" is an ullu web series starring Aayushi Jaiswal along with Ashraf Ahmed, Vishes Gupta, and Jaydeep Kalsi. The story revolves around a young boy and girl who meet in a club and have a passionate night together. However, the boy faces a twist when he discovers that the girl is married. "Badan" is set to release on March 21, 2023, on the Ullu app.
16. Piche se season 3

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