Beautiful web series actress cast Name ullu , kooku, Cineprime .

Do you know the names of the most horrible and romantic actresses in web series released in Ott?

If you are a web series lover or enjoy watching movies, you must enjoy web series online or have heard about platforms like ullu, kooku, Cineprime etc.

Today we are going to present to you some of the most beast actresses in the web series world who have made a stir in the world of web series.

Ullu , Netflix, Primeshots, Cineprime, kooku and other popular ott platforms are releasing new interesting web series every day. The main attraction of these webseries is the story and the cast.

Top ullu web series actress Cast Name 

Today we are going to tell you the names of some web serie cast who have made a stir in the ott world with their beauty.

Ott web seris cast names are -

  • Nehal Vadoliya .
  • Priya Mishra.
  • Rajsi Verma.
  • Snaha paul.
  • Kamalika Chanda.
  • Mahi Kaur.
  • Rekha Mona Sarkar.
  • Priya gamre. 
  • Ankita Dave. 

Let's now know the names of the web series starring these actresses and their acting careers.

Nehal Vadoliya.

Nehal vadoliya

If you are a web series lover or enjoy web series then you know Nehal vadoliya well or you have seen her acting. Nehal vadoliya has acted in several web series especially on the popular ott platform ullu.

He was particularly popular with the audience for his role in Gandi baat.

His other popular ullu web series currently released is called Juli and juli season 2.

His new ullu web series have been well received by the audience. Nehal vadoliya has a lot of fans on social media.

Priya Mishra.

Priya Mishra

Priya Mishra is a new Hindi web series. The charming Priya Mishra has captivated all ullu web series lovers with her beast performance.

Priya Mishra became the center of attention with her role in the Dunali web series released in Ullu. Priya Mishra, who starred in the Dunali web series, was expected to be seen in Dunali season But he was not seen.

Rajsi verma.

There are probably very few people who don't know Rajsi verma. Therefore, it is not necessary to mention his popularity. Every web series of Rajsi Verma is super hits.

Rajsi verma is mostly seen in ullu web series. Rajsi verma has a lot of fans on social media. 

Some of the most popular ullu web series he has acted in are Damaad ji season 2, Damaad ji, charmsukh mom and Daughter, Charmsukh sautela pyaar, palangtod.

Sneha paul.

Ullu is another famous star of the web series. Snaha paul's popularity cannot be finished. Sneha paul is the most popular star of ullu web series.

Sneha paul gained more popularity among the people through the Charmsukh web series. Sneha paul has a lot of fans. Some of Sneha paul's popular web series are Charmsukh chawl house, charmsukh chawl house 2, laal Lihaaf.

Sneha paul's most popular web series is Charmsukh.

Kamalika chanda.

Kooku webseries is one of the most popular actresses kamalika chanda. He was able to capture the attention of the audience by performing in the expanded Mastram on Mx player.

Kamalika Chanda has previously acted in several Indian Hindi and Bengali films.

He is currently starring in the web series Pathshala 2 which is popular among web series lovers.

Mahi Kaur.

Mahi Kaur, who became known to the audience through the Palangtod webseries, quickly became famous for her roles in Charmsukh Gaon Ki Garmi, Yeh Kaisa Rishta Charmsukh and others.

Mahi Kaur has acted in several Hindi web series before. When he started acting in the ott ullu web series, the number of fans on social media started to increase.

Rekha mona Sarkar.

The new web series starring Rekha mina Sarkar is titled as Dunali season 2.

The trailer of the web series, which was released on Ullu, has now been viewed by more than 1 million people.

If you are a Hindi web series lover then you can watch these web series starring these actresses.


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