Watch Gaon ki Garmi Part 2 Palangtod webseries.

Palangtod ki Garmi Part 2.

A popular webseries released on the Ullu app. The trailer of the webseries has been viewed by more than 1.1 million people on YouTube.

Palangtod Gaon ki garmi webseries released on 7 January 2022 is one of the most popular webseries of ullu app.

Palangtod gaon ki garmi Part 2 webseries stars actress and modelr Mahi Kaur.

Gaon ki garmi palangtod

The Gaon Garmi part 2 webseries also stars Anupam Gahoyi, Shivam Tiwari and Megha.

Ullu Webseries Story.

The story is set in a rural setting.
Mahi Kaur plays the role of a housewife.
The webseries shows Mahi kaur's love affair.

If you like watching ullu webseries or are a fan of Mahi Kaur then you can enjoy this webseries online in ullu app.

Popular actress Mahi Kaur's performance has attracted all the viewers to the webseries.

Ullu all webseries list.

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