Blind kotha kooku web series watch online.

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Blind kotha is a much talked hindi web series released on kooku ott platform.

Blind kotha web series is a very interesting story. One of the most talked about web series of Kooku is called blind kotha.

The trailer for the online series became popular on Youtube in a very short time. Blind kotha trailer has been viewed by more than 4 million people on youtube.

The story of this series is beautifully crafted by the author. Every actor and actress has done an interesting job. Blind kotha web series stars Riya Singh Gheyar in the lead role. Riya Singh Gheyar is a great actress.

Importantly, Riya Singh Gheyar later gained widespread popularity among the public by starring in the much talked about internet series released on kooku. Blind kotha web series is directed by a director named Abhijeet. Two episodes of the series starring Riya Singh Gheyar are available on the Internet. If you are interested in watching both episodes, you can enjoy them at home through kooku.

Blind kotha web series cast Name.

  1. Riya Singh Gheyar
  2. Chetan
  3. Gaurav Singh
  4. Prashant
  5. Prasad Padhye
  6. Preeti Puneet

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