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What's up our dear viewers. I hope you are all well. Today we are going to share with you the names of all the internet series starring popular web series actress Ruks Khandagale.

Ruks Khandagale


Ruks Khandagale is a popular Indian web series actress. He is currently acting on ullu original as well as several popular ott platforms. Ruks is 30 years old. 

Ruks Khandagale was born on 24 September 1994 in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. She is an Indian actress. Ruks is currently starring in several popular Hindi web series. Ruks Ray started his acting career in The most popular internet series of his life are Mistake, The Interview, Devadasi, Faasla, Game,

Web Series List Starring Ruks Khandagale.

  1. Mistake
  2. My Last Imagination
  3. Ghat Ghat Water
  4. Revenge
  5. The Interview
  6. Devadasi
  7. Fasla
  8. Game Web
  9. Open House
  10. Comrade Web
  11. Thirst
  12. I Hate You
  13. Palang Tod Double Strikes

1. My Last Imagination.

My Last Imagination is a Hindi-language Indian mystery web series released on Hotshots. The mysterious web series is directed by Prince K Kashyap. He has directed the film very well and also produced the series My Last Imagination by Eshu Gambhir. My Last Imagination web series was released on June 16, 2020 on the ott platform called HotShots. If you want to enjoy this series, you can enjoy it online through HotShots.

Ruks Khandagale has won the hearts of the audience with his impressive performances in this serial.

The story of My Last Imagination web series is full of Suspense and Mysterious.

This film tells the story of the life of an enthusiastic writer. All the good and bad moments of a writer's life are presented to the audience in the form of stories.

2. Ghat Ghat ka paani.

Ghat Ghat Ka Paani is an Indian Hindi web series released on the Nueflix OTT platform. Ruks Khandagale plays a special character in the Ghat Ghat Ka Paani web series. This popular series was released on October 17, 2020 via the Internet. The web series was released on an ott platform called NueFlix.

Ghat Ghat Ka Paani is a series full of entertainment and suspense. The story tells the story of some good and bad events of happy teenagers. Ghat Ghat Ka Paani is a serial starring Ruks Khandagale. The trailer of this series was very popular on youtube.

The story of this series has been tremendous by the audience.

3. Devadasi. 


Devadasi is a famous web series released on Balloons ott platform. This is a Hindi language Indian web series. Devadasi is a web series that was released on the Internet on October 18, The audience is very happy to watch Devadasi. The trailer of the internet series Devadasi has been enjoyed by many people on youtube. The main attraction of this internet series is Ruks.

He has created a stir among the audience by performing in a very good quality in this online series. Devadasi story is full of suspense and Mysterious. The story of this internet series is about the life of a man living in a village. This famous internet series can be enjoyed at home through the ott platform called Balloons.

4. Game.


Game is a popular Indian internet series in Hindi language released on Fliz Movies. Game is a popular internet series directed by Gehana Bashishta.

The online series Game, which was released on Fliz Movies, was released on July 10, Ruks Khandagale has won the love of the audience by playing a special character in this internet series. The audience has enjoyed his beautiful performance.

The trailer of the series Game was released on Youtube in a very short time. The series Game is currently available on the Internet. If you are a Hindi web series lover, you can enjoy this web series at home through Fliz Movies.

5. Palang Tod Double Dhamal .


Palang Tod Double Dhamaka is a famous romantic web series released in 2021 on the popular ott platform ullu. Starring Ruks Khandagale, this is one of the most popular web series.

Along with Ruks, Palang Tod Double Dhamaka stars Rajsi verma. This is a very popular web series.

Palang Tod Double Dhamaka story is found to enjoy suspense and entertainment. The audience has enjoyed the story of this series.

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