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Sharanya Jit kaur is a Hindi web series actress and model, she has gained popularity among the audience by acting in several famous web series.
Sharanya Jit kaur was born on 16 July
He lives in Patiala, Punjab, India.

Sharanya Jit kaur web series.

He has worked on the OTT platform creating famous web series like ullu original, HotShots, kooku, Primeshots. Today we are going to share with you about 20 top web series starring Sharanya Jit kaur in this article. 📌

Sharanya Jit Kaur Web Series name. 

 1. The Deal.

The tale is about a rich female whose husband suffers losses in commercial enterprise andy which upsets those humans. however someday the rich lady meets an old friend of hers, who's very rich. The wealthy friend is of the same opinion to pay theg money. And later whilst the two women begin courting Sharanya collectively.

The web series stars Priyanka Upadhyay and Sharanya Jit kaur inside the lead roles. 📌

2. Black Rose. 

Sharanya Jit kaur web series.

The story of a stunning lady. but one day a proud little boy comes to live inside the neighborhood of a gentlewoman whose sister-in-regulation turns into his friend. His normal spouse works in such a task. He starts offevolved to make buddies with a woman. Sharanya Jit kaur performs the function of a easy female in this internet series

3. Love Duo. 📌

The story is about a boy and a girl, who stay in a city and they're teachers. however unexpectedly the lady receives a name to go home and he is going home. this is a extraordinary film. His family additionally loves him and starts offevolved building a house. however when he is going to his house with the boy. He starts offevolved courting the woman.

Sharanya Jit kaur plays a gentlewoman

4. Mysterious Lust.

Sharanya Jit kaur web series.

The story is set a beautiful female whose husband is constantly within the office and does now not supply time. however someday the lovely lady's pal comes home early and fulfills all her needs. And a beautiful girl's success opens up when her boyfriend starts coming domestic each day to test on her. however when the stunning lady reveals out the truth, he gets angry.

Sharanya Jeet Kaur performs a girl who has been cheated plenty in this web collection.

5. Love Letter. 📌

The tale of a lovely lady who gets bored of ingesting dal and rice every day and slaps her face and eats biryani. however when the lovely girl learns her husband's real name, she seeks a divorce. but the lovely girl's husband is a incredible singer who desires to talk with each housewives and outsiders.

Sharanya Jit kaur performs the role of a spouse whose husband cheats on her in this web collection.

6. relationship Counselor.

Sharanya Jit kaur web series.

The tale is about a wealthy girl who enjoys her existence. The wealthy girl turned into disappointed by means of her husband's attitude and went to her pal's residence. but whilst the partner is going to persuade the person that he's a friend of the rich girl, the man additionally commits a rip-off together with her. The rich woman additionally started feeding gulk with her friend's husband. Seeing those people, I cannot inform whether or not they're resolving the battle or doing their job.

Sharanya Jit kaur is developing terror with lovely actress Priya Gamre on this net collection. you could name it one of the top 20 fine Sharanya Jeet Kaur net collection.

7. Seal.

The tale is ready the lives of a boy and a female. but his friend is getting married so he desires to get in touch with her. the good man feels he has the primary query for being his lady friend but the lady suggests up and doesn’t sing with her boyfriend. The jealous boy starts offevolved to are trying to find recommendation from a sister-in-law to take his girlfriend and establish an schooling along with her.

Sharanya Jeet Kaur is visible in the net series as a sister who tells a girl a way to seduce her.

8. Paying guest.

Sharanya Jit kaur web series.

This internet series tells the story of a guy, who does the entirety in his desires with his female friend. but in actual life, while the possibility to do some thing comes up, this man annoys his lady friend. A girl comes to his residence as a paying visitor so one can discern out this guy's dysfunctional existence. The female with the paying guest may be very expert and has drank from many ghats, which tells the fellow how to make a woman glad.

Priyanka Upadhyay is playing with Sharanya Jeet Kaur inside the web series. this is one of the first-rate web series by using Sharanya Jeet Kaur.

9. secret knowledge.

within the tale, a boy wants to spend her time along with his friend. however his friend is continually busy and would not deliver time. however once they each communicate to each other, they revel in it. In fact, the boy is working in a job. He is very busy.

She performs the role of a health practitioner on this internet series.

10. Charmsukh (Kamar Ki Naap)

The story of a stunning newly married female. but soon after the wedding, a mountain of trouble breaks over the lovely girl due to the fact her mom-in-regulation needs her daughter-in-law to learn how to sew garments soon. The husband of a lovely girl invites a female from the neighborhood to educate his wife the way to stitch. however his sister begins cheating on her husband with the aid of making a rip-off with the neighbor's daughter.

Ayush Jaiswal has created a human ecosystem in this web collection with Sharanya Jit kaur.

11. Palang Tod (Zaroorat)

A famous series on the internet released in Ullu. I like this story very much. Viewers have enjoyed Palang Tod (Zaroorat) many times. Its story is entertaining and suspenseful. Every actor or actress has performed to a much higher standard. Palang Tod (Zaroorat) trailer has been a hit on youtube. The youtube trailer of this series gives you an idea of ​​the story of the entire online series.

Palang Tod Zaroorat stars Sharanya J Kaur, Ravi Mishra, Neeraj Singh Rajput and Vaidehee Bhave. The audience is amazed at their performance.

12. Mary Aur Marlow

This is a famous suspense-filled online series available on the internet. Mary Aur Marlow is set to be released in 2020 and stars Sharanya J Kaur in the lead role. He is seen by the audience in a very beautiful appearance.

I don't like the story of it. This online series shows that there has been a lot of hard work in preparing this series. Every actor in it has done a beautiful job.

Starring Mary Aur Marlow 

  • Arshi khan 
  • Sharanya Jit kaur.

13. Fraud Love

Fraud ishq is a famous internet series.

Sharanya Jit kaur has won the hearts of the audience by playing an interesting character in Fraud ishq. The director of Fraud Ishq is the new

The series is beautifully presented.

All the actors and actresses involved are complementary. Viewers have enjoyed the internet series. Similarly, the Fraud Ishq trailer received widespread attention on social media.

14. Online Love

15. 2020 - Call Center

16. 2020 - Uff

17. 2020 - Move On

18. 2017 - Babloo and Bablee

19. 2019 - Made for Each Other

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