Charmsukh Bidaai web series watch online. Pihu Kanojia ullu web series.

Pihu kanojia upcoming web series Charmsukh Bidaai. 

In today's post we will talk about ullu upcoming Charmsukh Bidaai web series. Its trailer has been launched. 📌

I will tell you what the story of Charmsukh Bidaai is going to be.

Ullu Charmsukh Bidaai web series 📌

In this Charmsukh web series you will get to see the story of a girl named Jasmine, who is recently married to a boy named Ganda. Jasmine returns to her house on the second day of her marriage and she does not want to go back to ganda's house. But after 10 days the marigold comes to his in-laws' house and tells Bibi that we have to take you, you have to go with us.

After that Marigold's mother-in-law says that Jasmine will not go with you because you are not able to love her. Now the Ganda says that I am absolutely fine. I have no dearth of love for him. To know what is the truth, the villagers together take a test of the Ganda whether it is nopunsok or okay. 

There is a doctor in the family's village who tests it and when the report comes, the whole village gathers at one place and when that doctor is asked what is written in the report? Now that doctor says that according to this report the Ganda are Nopunsok. Actually I am not like that. That doctor tells lies to the people of the village. Because Jasmine is already in love with that doctor. In the rest of the story, you have to see whether he is able to bring his truth in front of the villagers or not. You can watch this in Hindi on ullu app on 21st October 2022. If you liked the update, then do share the post.

Fullu information. 

Charmsukh Bidaai cast name : Pihu kanojia

Director: Ssk.

Web Series Running time: 30 minutes. 

Web Series type: Drama and suspenses.

Charmsukh Bidaai web series released date: 21 October. 

Released Platform: Ullu original. 

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