Khuli khidki voovi web series watch online. Cast Pooja Poddar.


Voovi web series Pooja Poddar and Sohail Shock.

After a long time we are getting to see a new series on voovi app. We had to wait two months for voovi's new web series. Today I am watching the trailer of Khuli khidki web series and I saw what is good and what is bad in the trailer of this web series. 📌

Voovi web series

📌 Now you may be able to watch Baiku to Baiku new web series on voovi app. Because we have learned that there are a lot of web series about to be released on voovi ott platform right now. Aliya Naaz's Atm Bhabhi web series is also coming in a few days. We will wait for that too.

Talking about the trailer of Khuli khidki web series, I have seen the trailer fine.

The story of this web series is more terrific, if the director of web series put Acton scene in this series well then people will like to watch this series much more. If we take a look at the actresses of the series, the actresses of the series are quite beautiful. If these people will contribute to Khuli khidki web series in the right way, people will like them much more. At the same time, people will like the series a lot more. That's what I would expect.

Khuli khidki web series will be released on 14 October And maybe you guys will get to watch more than three episodes in this series. Watching this web series on the Voovi app is going to be a lot more fun.

Khuli Khidki web series Story.

In the story we are shown two boys. who is completely crazy for a Bhabhi. He always watches Bhabhi and wants to make friends with her.

So now will these two boys get their wish or not? Will Khidki open or close again? If you guys want to know this then Khuli khidki web series you guys have to watch on 14th October 2022 on voovi ott platform.

As soon as Khuli khidki are released, your will reach with review immediately.

Fullu information:

  • Director name : ss omihj
  • Released date: 14 October 2022.
  • Cast name : Pooja Poddar and Sohail Shock. 
  • Web Series type: Romantic and dramatic. 
  • Language: Hindi.
  • Released Platform: Voovi app. 

Khuli khidki voovi web series cast name. 

Pooja Poddar

Pooja Poddar.
Sohail Shock

Sohail Shock

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