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Sultan part 1 and part 2 web series watch online.

Friends, today Part One of Sultan Series has been released on Ullu. Let us know what has been seen in sultan part one. Part one is of one hour 12 minutes. Let me tell you that Muskan Agarwal has also been seen in this series. In this sultan ullu web series part one, three beautiful chins have been seen, but not that special. ullu ka sultan web series has seen funny acting of Muskan Agarwal and Sharanya Jit kaur. Friends, let us tell you that some beautiful scenes have been seen at the end of sultan web series part one. We have come to know that some banging scenes will be seen in ullu sultan part two. Anyway, the real story of this series still remains. That's why I am telling you that maybe we will get to see some banging scenes in the part. 📌

Ullu sultan web series

Sultan part 1 web series story.

Sultan Part One depicts a boy named Deepu who takes care of a Buffalo ie Sultan and he works to take Sultan to different places in order to settle down with many other Buffalos. And Deepu falls in love with a girl named Shiny Dixi i.e. Bindi. But Bindi never accepts Deepu's love. Bindi always makes fun of Dipu and in the end Bindi gets married to someone else and in marriage also Bindi makes fun of Dipu.

Dipu gets very sad. Dipu has a friend. He tells Dipu that whatever happened to you happened because of Bo Sultan. Then Deepu gets angry and kills Sultan. When the people of the house come to know about the Sultan, the people of the house get very upset. You will get to see the rest of the story in Sultan Part Two.

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Sultan web series cast name .

Muskan Agarwal.

Sultan web series Running time.

1 house 12 minutes. 

Released Platform. 

Ullu original. 

Sultan web series Released date. 

18 October 2022.
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