Antarvasn@ Prime play web series diviyanshini, priyanka biswas.


Watch Prime play new upcoming web series Antarvasn@ cast Priyanka Biswas/ Diviyanshini.

Finally diviyanshini, Priyanka Biswas is back. The series has diviyanshini and above all prime play web series and what do we want? Get ready, you guys are going to get happiness in the series. Even now I am coming after seeing the teaser of Antarvasn@ web series and what good and what bad I got to see in this teaser and how long will I get to see this prime play web series, today I am going to tell you in this article.

I remember well that there was a series of Diviyanshini called socketwali. What was the craze and level of this web series, what scenes were shown and what was the acting. Now we are going to see this in the Antarvasn@ web series. So first of all let me tell you that on 25 November 2022, you may get to see Antarvasn@ web series on Prime play app on Friday. Because prime play people release their series only on Fridays. So the chances are very high here. Get ready to watch Antarvasna.

Antarvasn@ web series star cast Diviyanshini Photo.

Diviyanshini web series

The series is about to fire. Along with the scene, you will also get to see the story very well in this. Yes, talking about the story of Antarvasna, in this story you will see Priyanka Biswas as Mami. Along with this, we will also be shown the game of aunt and nephew and see, this game is going to be very tremendous. Right now I will not talk much about this web series. You wait, let the full trailer of Antarvasn@ come. Will do full review after this. See you guys in the trailer review so I'll go with this.

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