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Hello viewers, today we are going to tell you about Palang tod friend request. This web series is going to be released soon on ullu original. Palang is the most popular series of tod ullu, which is especially liked by the youth. By the way, all the series of ullu are popular among the people, in which the most extreme are only Palangtod and Charmsukh. Of which 30 to 35 parts have been released on Ullu so far. Now its new part is coming soon.

Palangtod web series

Palangtod web series story:

Seeing the trailer of the Viewers series, it is known that this story is related to the friendship being done on social media, in which online boyfriends become girlfriends. This Palang Tod friend request web series is going to be released on ullu platform on 2 July 2021. Palang tod series is a very famous series of ullu, whose eight to nine parts have been released so far, on which artists like Neha Paul have worked. Now soon its new text will be released on July.

Name of some famous Actress of Palang Tod web series:

2. Sneha paul.

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