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When I was watching this series, I am really saying that I got confused and started thinking is this prime play series only? Right now I am coming after watching flat screen web series and in this article I will tell you guys is there any fun in this series? Should the series be worth us or not? How did Jayshree Gaikwad act in flat screen web series? Along with this, Jeene was also an actor and actress, how they all have done, I am going to tell you all this through this update. So let's do it quickly, let's start the update.

Jayshree Gaikwad web series

I didn't get the kind of fun that Prime play people give us in their web series. I will tell you three negative points of this. Firstly, I did not like the casting of the series. Casting is good, but it could have been better casting and even the winners of the series are actors, their performance also I did not see anything special.

And the story of the flat screen web series is also not that special but the scenes shown are good. I am not saying that it is useless, but the kind of scenes that Prime play people put in their series and the kind of scenes that we show to people, I did not get to see anything like that in this web series. It was Jayshree Gaikwad who adds some life to this web series. If it was not there then the flat screen would have gone in the garbage long ago, flat screen has been released on prime play app on 9 December 2022. And in this you guys will get to see three episodes now. Next week, more episodes will come, but now three episodes are being seen, whose time duration is between 26 to 27 minutes. And now talking about the story, the story is not that special. In the story, we were shown an actor who has just got married. Why don't their husbands pay any attention to them? Because the figure of his wife is not beautiful. That is why their husbands do not pay that much attention to them. Now what is going to happen in the story after this? How much more fun will the story be? If you want to know then you have to see this flat screen. If you guys are fans of Jayshree then I would say you guys can watch this for Jayshree. You will like his work. Apart from this, there is nothing special in the web series, so do not expect much, then I will go with this, I will meet you guys in the next update.

Full information. 

  • Jayshree Gaikwad 
  • Kk Mishra 
  • Atin
  • Divya arya
  • Shaisha khan
  • Ali shaikh
  • Anu morya
  • Alok nath pathak
  • Abhijit Singh 
Story type Romantic and Entertainment
Released platformPrime play. 
Release date9 December 2022
Number of episodes1
Time duration 27 minutes .
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