Paglet season 2 part 1 prime play shyna khatri and hiral radadiya

Friends, Paglet season 2 part 1 has been released on Prime play. If you people have seen part one, then tell on the message how was it? Today I am going to tell you what I got to see in Paglet Part 1 .

Paglet season 2 part 1 is of one hour 40 minutes and has three episodes. If we talk about it, in this part 1, a very explosive scene has been seen. In Part One, Shyna khatri and Hiral Radadiya both got to see funny acting, but I found Shyna khatri's scene very explosive.

Prime play web series


In this story, there is a 22 year old crazy boy named Aanshu and this boy's behavior is like that of a 2 year old child and Shyna khatri takes care of the crazy boy i.e. Ashu. And along with Hiral Radadiya is Ashu's stepmo*ther. Earlier, Hiral Radadiya did not like Ashu's childlike behavior at all. What happens after this? To know this you have to watch this web series. You will have a lot of fun watching this.

And you people will get to see its part two in next week on the official app of Prime Place. For today, if you like this much update then share it. And always follow to get such updates.

Cast photo and name.

Actress: Shyna khatri 

Hiral Radadiya web series
Actress Hiral Radadiya. 

Jayshree Gaikwad web series

Actress Jayshree Gaikwad 

Cast Name
  • Jayshree Gaikwad
  • Hiral Radadiya.
  • Shyna Khatri.
  • Rajni Mehta.
Story type Romantic and Entertainment. 
Released platformPrime play. 
Release date14 October 2022
Number of episodes1
Time duration 1 hours 30 minutes .

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