Palang tod Siskiyaan s3 part 2 priya gamre ullu web series story and review.

Palang tod Siskiyaan s3 part 2 ullu web series watch online. 

Priya Gamre web series

It just ended here but while leaving this series told that I will always be in the top 10 list. Now I am coming after watching Siskiyaan part 2 and what good and what bad did I get to see in this part two? How is the series, whether it suits you or not, today I am going to tell you guys in this video, so hello welcome to all of you.

Generally we do not like to watch part two of any series. Why? Because the series gets longer and somewhere we start losing interest in that series, but brother, you people do not get to see anything like this in Palang tod Siskiyaan season 3 Part Two. The fun will continue in this series. Along with Priya Gamre in Siskiyaan part 2, Noor Malabika has also done a great job this time.

If you guys watch the series, then surely this series will not disappoint you from anywhere. I had said in the trailer review, Priya Gamre is fine but if Noor Malabika's scene in part two is also given in a good way, then literally no one can stop the series from becoming a hit. Finally, here Noor Malabika also did a great job and this series is trending on Ullu's app. People are liking this series a lot. Why? Because people enjoy a lot in web series, whether it is in terms of story. Or whether it is a matter of scene, Siskiyaan Season 3 part 2 has been released today on 9th December on ullu app. And in this series you guys will get to see three episodes now. Means there are three episodes in Part Two, whose time duration is between 18 to 29 minutes and believe me these three episodes are going to be amazing episodes for you. The kind of expectations you people have from Priya Gamre, they will be fulfilled in this.

And now talking about the story, you probably know the story very well.

Theft was about to happen in Renu's house, because the servant as well as the caretaker were going to steal together. Now was that theft successful or not? If not, then what kind of punishment was given to them? If you guys want to know then you guys have to watch Siskiyaan s3 part 2 on ullu's app. If you guys haven't seen this Palang Tod Siskiyaan s3 part 2 yet then you guys are missing a good series and big series on ullu's app. Go and see it once, then you can tell me by commenting that how did you like this webseries?

Siskiyaan S3 part 2 cast
  • Priya Gamre 
  • Noor malabika
  • Tarakesh Chouhan 
  • Shivkant Lakhnpal
Story type Romantic and Entertainment
Released platformUllu original. 
LanguageHindi, tamil, talagu, kannada, English
Release date9 December 2022
Number of episodes2
Time duration 1 hours 1 minutes .
Director ssk

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