Soni jha, pihu singh malang sasur voovi upcoming web series.


By looking at the thumbnail, you must have understood that on whom we are going to talk today. Today we will talk about the upcoming web series of Soni Jha and Pihu Singh. And I have received many details related to this, which today I want to tell you in this update and I will also tell that for how long you will get to see this web series, so let's get it updated quickly. to start 📌

Soni jha web series

📌 You are Janardan and you people know very well. In recent times, Soni Jha has set prime play on fire. All the web series have become a hit, so other OTT platforms have started approaching them. Yeh jo series hai, you will get to see this series on voovi's app.

Yes, you guys got it right. This webseries of this soni jha is being released on voovi's app. Now I am telling you the name of the series. The name of the webseries will be Malang sasur.

Pihu singh
Pihu singh. 

You will get to see Pihu singh in the main lead role of this Malang sasur. After that Soni Jha will be seen again as second actors. Now here you people will ask what about the shooting? So let me tell you guys. The shooting has been completely completed and the web series has gone into editing, there the work of editing will go on for a few days. Only after that you people will get to see Malang sasur on voovi's app. I know its story very well, but I will not tell you its story. Why? Because when it is released, the fun will turn to gritty. Just let me tell you this much, in this you will get to see the game of Bahu and Sasur and this game is going to be good to some extent. Now the main point of the update has come where I will tell you till when you will get to see it? Look, editing work is going on in this, so it will not be released now and you guys know very well that voovi app people do not release their series immediately, so it will take some time to release it.

Soni jha
Soni jha. 

If we can guess, we may get to see it in the last week of January, for now I just want to say, wait whenever it releases, it will give good fun. So this was just the update I wanted to give you guys, so I'll go with this.

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