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Today we do the review of Adhur aas web series, so now I saw Adhur ass series and what bad things did I see in this series? Whether this web series has been made worth watching or not, that's what I am going to tell you today, so hello and welcome to all of you on our 📌

The full name of the series is Adhuri aas and you guys are knowing very well that there will be someone incomplete in this too who would be trying to fulfill his dream and designer. Now you guys will have to watch it to know who he is. Talk about the entire series so far three episodes have come. Two episodes have gone downhill. In the third episode, I got to see something decent in terms of scenes. Yes, episode 1 and 2 of the series you people will not get to see much special. Nothing was shown in such an over. Yeh Descent Hi Chalti Hai episode 3 will give you a bit of fun. Adhuri aass has been released on 25 January 2023 on hunter app. And guys, in this, you people get to see three episodes in Part One, the time duration of which is being shown to us between 24 and 31 minutes.

In this we get to see two actors and Both are not on Hunter App. But you people cannot expect scenes from both the actors. In the case of the scene, he should have come up even more, but he did not do so and along with this the director of the series also left him. You people are thinking that loose means that it is very weak. He is also weak in the field of scene. Along with this, the story of the series will also be seen only weakly. The story doesn't hold you completely. Talking about its story, we were shown a husband-wife in the story. Why is the wife not at all happy with her husband? Because their husbands have become old. Along with this, he does not pay any attention to his wife. Because of this, his wife is completely upset with him all the time. so what happens now? If you guys want to know then you guys have to watch the webseries.

So go, if you are even a little bit interested in this, then go and have a look, but don't go with high hopes.

Hunter app Aadhi ass cast name :

  • Vinod Tripathi. 
  • Naina.
  • Anu morya.
  • Bhimraj Malaji. 
  • Farhan Ansari.

Full information. 

Story type love and suspense 
Released PlatformHunter app
Release date25 January 2023
Budget30 lakh rupees Approximately.

Number of episodesEpisode 4
Time duration 24 to 31 Minutes
Producer Hunter app pvt Ltd.
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