Laal Batti Vidhayak Devi kamalika chanda Series Goodflix web series.


This is going to be the second top update of the day and you guys will love to hear this update. Kamalika Chanda's fans will be happy to hear the update, so some time back I had given an update of Shyna Khatri's web series. Now I am going to give you the update of Kamalika Chanda's top upcoming hot web series. The update is very good, so let's start the blog immediately. 📌

Kamalika Chanda

📌 There is no need to introduce Kamalika Chanda. We know her very well that how is this actress. She goes to any extent to please the public. Now you will get to see one of his hit web series, that too on Goodflix app. Yes Kamalika Chanda's next series is about to release on goodflix app. Its shooting is now completely complete.

The shooting of this had started just a few days ago and the shooting of the web series was finished day before yesterday. Now this post production will go. And there the work of editing will be done. Editing is going to take 15-20 days, earlier the name of the web series was Bidhayak Devi but now this name has been changed to Lalbatti. The name of MLA Devi was creating controversy. Due to this, the director changed the name of the webseries and kept it as Lalbatti. In this, Kamalika Chanda will be seen fighting for farewell to the people, will be seen taking votes from the public. Now what else will happen along with this will be known after the release of the webseries. The release date has not yet come out with some confirmation, but still I can tell you that you will get to see it in the second or third week of February. Talked to the people of Goodflix app, they said that Arshi Khan's series will take two weeks now.


Arshi Khan's series is also coming on Goodflix, so now it is not possible for the web flim of this kamalika Chanda to come. You will be able to see it comfortably in the second or third week of February. Kamalika is coming, so you people will have to wait for a while. How excited are you about this? Do tell me by commenting, this was just the update that I wanted to give to you guys, so I will go with this.

  • Kamalika Chanda 
Story type  Romantic and political.
Released platformGoodflix app 
Release date10 January 2023
Number of episodes2
Time duration 31 minutes .
Director Satti Bhairupa
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