Mardana Sasur soni jha and pihu singh voovi app web series.


Now it seems that there is no content left in the world. All Indian ott platforms are running after Sasur ji, Sasur ji, except one web series is coming on Sasur ji and now on Voovi ott platform also you people are going to see a hindi web series called Mardana Sasur. Right now I am coming after watching the trailer of this upcoming web series and what good and what bad I got to see in this trailer, today I am going to tell you people in this blog, so hello welcome all of you to our 📌

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Remember I gave you an update that Soni Jha and Piyush Singh are coming together on voovi app. Finally today we got to see the trailer and the web series will also be seen very soon. I saw the trailer of Mardana Sasur and really enjoyed watching the trailer. The story of the series is not exactly amazing but it will give us a lot of fun. Along with this, if we get to see the scenes of both the actors in this, then just understand that the webseries proved to be a hit here. If it doesn't happen, you know what will happen to it? No Doubt voovi app people make the trailer of their internet flim very well. This time also the trailer has been made very well. The trailer makes perfect sense. It is also being clearly known what the story will be. The story is going to be very funny. Just in this, if we get to see good scenes, then this internet series will prove to be tremendous, there is no doubt about it. The casting is excellent in this. We will get to see Soni Jha along with Pihu Singh in Mardana Sasur. We know the level of both of them and know what these actors can do. If the director of this flim is made a little crispy then guys will enjoy it. If this happens, then I will bring its review and tell you to what level this internet series has reached! You people are going to see this MarDanaSasur web series on 27 January 2023 i.e. Friday.

Actress Soni Jha. 

And maybe in this you people will get to see more than three episodes. Want to see this time, how do the people of voovi app work with these two actors? And as far as the story is concerned, you will see that Pihu Singh has been shown as a housewife in the story. Who is not at all happy with her husband. And she is getting attracted to her Sasur more than her husband. but why? If you want to know then you have to see it. It is not a matter of concern. On January 27, 2023, I will come with a full review of this and will tell whether it is worth watching or not?

Pankaj kumar voovi
Actor Pankaj kumar. 


  • Soni jha.
  • Pihu singh.
  • Pankaj kumar.
  • Aakash diwedi.
Story type Suspense and Romantic 
Released PlatformVoovi app
Release date27 January 2023
Budget5 lakh rupees Approximately.

Number of episodesEpisode 3
Episode duration 25 to 30 Minutes
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