Pehredaar season 3 web series Shyna khatri hot prime play 2023

In the matter of money, the people of Prime Play created a mess here. Our elders had taught, if you pay attention to work, pay attention in the right way, money will automatically follow you. If you keep money in your mind then none of your work will be done. Now I have seen Pehredaar season three part two and in this part two I got to see what is good and what is bad, today I am going to tell you in this blog, so hello and welcome to all of you in our

On public demand, Prime play people released season 3 of Pehredaar, but they could not give what the public was asking for in the series. These people got caught in the TRP affair and the web series went downhill here. Yes, you heard it right, Pehredaar season 3 part 2 is decent here. We did not get to see anything special even in Part One.

And its part two is also nothing special. Now you will say brother how is it like this? So let me tell you guys. The story of webseries is not amazing from anywhere here. Understand that the web series has been made for entertainment purposes and when it comes to its scenes, we used to expect only scenes from this series and not the story. The story of this season three will definitely go in the garbage. Look, it is not that it is completely useless. The series is enjoyable but we do not get to see anything that we were expecting from this season three. In this, we got to see three amazing actresses and the scenes of all the three actors have been limited in this series. In my history limited means ok ok type. So yes I would say here that Pehredaar season 3 gave me an OK OK type. This Pehredaar season 3 has been released on 13 January 2023 on prime play app. And in Guys Is Part Two, you people get to see only two episodes, whose time duration is shown to us between 25 to 37 minutes.

Now if we talk about this story, then in the story you will see that Shyna Khatri's father-in-law has once again fallen in love with another and this time also Shyna Khatri wants to do anything to get her father-in-law. Is. So what will she do now? If you want to know then you guys have to watch the webseries. So go if you guys want to see it, go and see it. Don't go with high expectations, otherwise your expectations will be dashed.

Pehredaar season 3 cast 

  • Jayshree Gaikwad.
  • Shyna khatri. 
  • Rani pari.
  • Prashant Desh Pandey. 
  • Deepak dutt sharma.
Story type Dramatic and Romantic 
Released PlatformPrime play app
Release date13 January 2023
Budget9 lakh rupees Approximately.

Number of episodesEpisode 3
Episode duration 25 to 30 Minutes
DirectorSudhir Mishra. 
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