Stanger part 1 prime play web series 2023.

Charmsukh Jane anjane proved to be a bit decent, but till date I have not seen such a useless web series on prime play and above all the name of the series is Stanger! I too became a stranger after watching this series. Now I have seen all the three episodes of Stanger part 1 web series and what good and what bad did I see in this series? This is what I am going to tell you today, so hello, welcome to all of you on our

Actress Suman das prime play.

To be honest, I am not enjoying Prime play anymore. Season 3 of Pehredaar was watched by us and it went well and Guys is stranger. It turned out to be utter nonsense in terms of story as well as in terms of scenes. In this webseries, not the actors, we were shown with pleasure. If the people of prime play wanted, they could have used them well.

But they didn't and that's why the series went to the dustbin here and there. In the story of Stanger part 1, you people get to see the same old stereotype where a wife is not happy with her husband. She is taking support of someone else to make herself happy and she is no one else, she is a stranger. What happens to him now? If you want to know then you people have to watch this internet flim. To be honest, I didn't see anything good in this. The actors of the series made their debut on Prime Play and Bo failed miserably as soon as she debuted. On top of that I didn't get to see anything special in his acting too, so how can I praise the series? This Stanger part 1 has been released on Prime play app on 29 January 2023 Friday. And guys, in this series you get to see three episodes whose time duration is between 23 and 35 minutes. In this type of internet flim, having two things is absolutely compulsory. The first thing that comes is the scene, if it is there then it is bang on and if it is not there then the public will not compromise here in any way and the second thing that comes is the story, if the story is good then it is a good thing. Now I did not get to see both the things in this web series, so you can understand where the series went.

So here I have told you all the things. Now it will depend on you whether you people go to see it or not. I will not force you to go and see it. If you are in the mood then go and watch it and if you are not in the mood then you can also skip it. There will be some special loss for you people, otherwise I will go with this, I will meet you guys in my next blog.

Stanger part 1 cast.

  • Suman Das
  • Neha Gupta 
  • Amit raina
  • Asif khan
Story type Romantic and Entertainment 
Released PlatformPrime play app 
LanguageHindi, English, Tamil, talagu.
Release date20 January 2023
Budget5 lakh rupees Approximately.

Number of episodesEpisode 3
Episode duration 30 to 35 Minutes

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