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Somewhere or other this deal (Sauda) seemed useless to me. I was waiting How will Hunter app people deal in their series! Will you do it this way? I didn't expect this. Even now I am coming after watching the episodes of Sauda webseries and what good and what bad did I see in this series? Whether Web Series is worth us or not, today I am going to tell you in this blog, so hello, welcome to all of you on our 📌

What can I tell you about this series? This Sauda web series has defied the expectations. When I sat down to watch the episodes of this, I got to watch three episodes, out of which two episodes were completely decent. I can't tell how I spent two episodes. The third episode I got to see something decent but not so special that seeing it I can say that it is amazing!

But but but going forward the story of the web series is going to be interesting. Now you will ask how, in the future, in this story, Jaishree Gaikwad means Bua ji is going to follow Mahesh and whenever she follows, she will literally give fun. This Sauda has been released on the hunter app on February 8, 2022 and in this you people get to see three episodes, the time duration of which is being shown to us between 22 to 28 minutes.

You guys will get to see the descent in the first two episodes. You guys will have some fun in Episode 3. Part one of the series stars Jaishree Gaikwad, Soni Jha and Bhabna. But it could not give as much fun to the audience as we were expecting from it. Well, let's go now, let's see what happens in part two, so as I told you, if Bua ji does not follow Mahesh, then part two is also going to be a failure. We saw the Boss and also saw his style of dealing. Nothing else felt special. Now here we have only hope from Jaishree Gaikwad's character. Hope you guys understand what I am trying to say. Now you people stop, let its part two be released, then I will tell you whether the series has been made worth watching or not. So this was just the review that I wanted to give to you guys, so with this I will meet you guys in the next review.

Cast name.

  • Ashraf 
  • Anu
  • Jaishree Gaikwad 
  • Soni Jha 
  • Bhavesh
  • Bhavna 
  • Pooja 
  • Amar Hotwani 
  • Bharti Jha 
  • Vinnay 

Story type Romantic and suspense 
Released PlatformHunter app  
Release date8 February 2023
Budget20 lakh rupees Approximately.

Number of episodesEpisode 3
Time duration 24 to 31 Minutes
Producer Hunter app pvt Ltd. 

Part 1 review. 

Today we got to see the trailer of a new web series of Hunter App called Sauda. So today we will talk about this webseries and will also talk about to what level it is going to go. So let's start the blog quickly.

First of all, the casting of the series is tremendous, in this you will get to see Jaishree Gaikwad, Bharti Jha and Soni Jha as actresses.

 And This scene of actors goes up a lot. We know this very well. If all three work well in the series then they will set fire. Today is Sunday and you will get to see this on Wednesday.

Now you guys can guess on which date Wednesday is coming and maybe you will get to see five or six episodes in this. Yes, the casting of sauda webseries is long, so the series is also going to be a bit long. Look, whether you believe it or not, Jaishree Gaikwad and Soni Jha's coin is trending everywhere. People are liking them and their demand is also increasing now. Now, along with the demand, their scenes have also increased, so it will be even more fun. And this is Hunter app and maybe in this we have to see people

Do not disappoint Now let's talk about the story of Sauda, in this story we were shown a company. The boss of this company deals with his employees. The deal is in such a way that instead of giving promotion to his employees, he asks for their wives. But why? If you want to go, you guys have to watch it on Hunter's app. The boss of this company is a very kind person. Now who will pour water on their debauchery? Who will try to trap them?

If you want to know this too, then you people will have to watch this internet short film. In this, we are getting to see three actors and believe me if all three come on scene then the series will create a ruckus. If you people want to see this, then it is necessary to subscribe to the Hunter app. Only then you can see this. So on Wednesday I will reach with full review of it and will tell whether it is worth it or not otherwise this was just the review I wanted to give to you guys.

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