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So finally the trailer arrived and along with it came Aliya Naaz. Do you know what will happen now? Ab hoga dangal still I am coming after watching the trailer of Tadap web series and in this trailer I got to see what is good and what is bad. This is what I am going to tell you in this blog today. And I will also tell to what level the web series is going to reach. So let's start the blog quickly. 📌

By the way, we got to see the trailer of tadap webseries very short. In the name of the trailer, we are being shown a teaser, but it was great to see the trailer. 

In tadap we are getting to see Aliya Naaz and Pihu singh. It will be fun to see these people together. Just here I am afraid that these people may bring third actors in front again and again. If this happens, the money will go down the drain and the fun will be completely curtailed. 

If this does not happen, all the actors get a chance to appear in turn, then this webseries can be very good. We know Aliya Naaz and Pooja Singh as well, we also know the level of both of them. If she gives a good scene, then the public will like her a lot. Along with this, the acting of both is also tremendous. And guys, you guys might get to see five or six episodes in this.

This Tadap web series has been released on hunter app on 22 February 2023. Talking about its story, you people do not get to see the story that much, but still the story will entertain you. In the story you will see a husband and wife who are not happy with each other. From where do they get happiness in the future? How do these people find happiness?

If you want to know then you people have to see this on Hunter app. Hunters now have full opportunity to draw the public towards themselves. If this story proves to be good, then the public will definitely go to watch his series. Do tell me by commenting how much you guys are excited about this. I am getting very excited to see this.

Story type Drama and suspense 
Released dateHunter app 
LanguageHindi, tamil, talagu, Bhujpuri, bangla.
Release date3 March 2023
Budget90 lakh rupees Approximately.

Number of episodesEpisode 5,6
Time duration 25 to 26 Minutes

Cast name.

  • Aniruddh Singh
  • Aliya Naaz 
  • Arti
  • Ankita 
  • Vikram Dhara
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