Khidki part 1 web series story, cast name, trailer and released date.


Not only me, everyone was excited, wanted to see. If the whole battalion is coming up, what is it bringing? Then when I saw the web series, I did not expect this from the series. Even now I am coming after watching Khidki part 1 and what good and what bad did I get to see in this part one? Has it become worthy of us, you or not? This is what I am going to tell you in this blog today, so hello and welcome to all of you on our 📌

First of all I would like to come to the story of Khidki part 1. His story went on for a long time but nothing was understood. It is difficult to understand who is coming in the series, who is leaving. You people get to see the story here completely useless, but if you watch this web series because of the scenes, then somewhere it will give you a good amount of fun.

You must have heard a saying, "Whatever a man got, he went out in search of more." When I went out in search of more, I came back to where I was. I mean to say that even before Ruks Khandagale you must have seen the scenes. You people get to see scenes of the same type in this series as well. Along with this, Jaishree Gaikwad's scenes will also be seen in the same way as before. Along with this, Neha Gupta will also get to see a lot of scenes in it. Yes, so far we have been introduced to only three actors properly. Now it is not that this series does not provide fun.

This Khidki part 1 gives proper fun to the viewer, but if you are a pro player and watch continuous ullu originals webseries, then somewhere you will feel disappointed. You must have seen the kind of scenes that were shown to us in this, but for the new subscribers of this platform, who are beginners, have started watching this type of series, this is for them. There is a fire. Khidki part 1 has been released on 24 February 2023 on Ullu's app. And guys, now you people get to see three shots in this part one, the timing of which is being shown to us between 20 to 23 minutes. 

Next week you guys will get to see part two of it and maybe part two of it will show us something good but right now I will not say anything here. Until the trailer of part 2 comes. So go now, if you people want to see this thing, then you can see it with a little less expectation.

Story type Romantic and suspense 
Released dateullu originals
LanguageHindi, tamil, talagu, Bhujpuri, bangla.
Release date17 February 2023
Budget1 cr rupees Approximately.

Number of episodesEpisode 5,6
Time duration 25 to 26 Minutes
Khidki part 1 cast name 
  • Ruks Khandagale 
  • Farhan Ansari 
  • Jaishree Gaikwad 
  • Neha Gupta
  • Hiral Radadiya
  • Khush Punjabi 
  • Mussarat Ali 
  • Akash Medhatia
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