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Now the time has come for the review. So finally Malai web series is released and I saw part one of this series and today I will tell you what is good and what is bad in this series? How was the performance of actors and actresses of Malai web series? And this series has become worth watching or not. So let's start the blog quickly. 📌

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The thing which is in demand on Ullu's series, if it remains low, then somewhere or the other the interest is lost and at the same time the fun is not available that much. Exactly the same happened with this malai web series. This series is quite good here but in the case of scenes it falters a bit somewhere. I mean to say that ullu ott people keep the scene in their webseries for approx 10 to eight minutes, it becomes more than that. But in this Malai, we were not shown that much scene. Only two 3-minute scenes were shown and due to this, the interest of many audience got loose from this series. I felt lack of only scenes in this, everything else is good.

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Actor actress information.

The casting of Malai webseries is great. And along with this the camera quality is also very good. And the story has also been liked by the people. Pooja Singh did a great job in this story, but if she had done a little more, it would have literally lit it on fire. But this has not happened. In this you also get to see Shyna Khatri. You will not get to see his acting as good in this series. The director would not have asked these actors to act properly! While these actors do absolutely bang Acting. You can expect a little from Pooja Singh, otherwise you cannot expect any actor actor in the matter of scene. 

Released Date and Platform. 

This malai webseries has been released on ullu app on 13 March 2023. And in this, now you people get to see three episodes. Means there are three episodes in Part One, whose time duration is between 26 to 30 minutes, and next week you will get to see Part Two of it. Maybe you guys will get to see something good in Part Two. Why? Because the story of part two is going to be a bit edgy and along with it you may get to see some good scenes too. But how will be the exact part two, I will be able to tell you only after the release of part 2.

If you guys want to watch this part one now, then go and watch it. It is streaming now on Ullu Original App.

Full information. 

Story type Local and Romance 
Released Platform  Ullu original app
Release date 24 March 2023
Budget3 cr inr Rupees Approximately.

Director Ssk
Time duration 27 to 30 Minutes
Cast name 
  • Shyna khatri 
  • Ankita singh 
  • Lucky saini
  • Sahil tyagi
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