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Prime play has a director who is related to NASA scientists! That's why Samay Yaatraa web series is going to come on prime play. So today I am going to tell you about the casting, story and released date of Prime play's upcoming fun romance and mystery webseries Samay Yaatra. And along with this, I am going to give full details of the actress, so you people should read the blog completely. So let's start the blog quickly. 📌

Samay Yatraa prime play

If we go according to the title of the series, then here we are getting to see a unique name, so maybe the concept of the series is also unique here. If time travel happens in this series, it will be fun to see it literally. And along with this, you will get to see Aishwarya Agrawal as the main casting. Which is very beautiful. People yearn to watch the webseries of this funny actress. People have become crazy after seeing Aishwarya Agrawal's webseries Jua jalan. Because this actress entertains the audience along with acting. So understand that this Prime play series will also be very good.


Samay yaatra web series

I know it will go on to travel further in time and reach the peak of travel. But we are waiting a lot to see the story and scenes that will happen in between. Want to see what we try to show people in Prime play ott Bale Yeh Samay Yaatra! We are very excited to see it. Because in this series we are getting to see two talented actors like Priyanka along with Aishwarya Agrawal. So that's why I hope you will literally enjoy watching it. Along with this, I want to tell you that, last week we got to see a deshi webseries on prime play called Nadaan and the third actor in this, you will also see him in this Samay Yaatra webseries. Going to be seen as a housewife.

Release date.

Samay yaatra web series

And now it's about the release date of Samay Yaatra, you guys will get to see this guys on online prime play app on 14 April 2023. In this we are getting to see Aishwarya Agarwal and you know very well that from the beginning till now she has not disappointed us even once, so it may be that she will not do so in the future also.

Samay yaatra

Want to see how its director, actress and cameraman make us travel through time together? How excited are you to see Aishwarya? Do tell me by commenting.

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Story type Romance, mystery. 
Released Platform Prime play app
LanguageHindi, Bhujpuri, bangla, tamil, talagu, Marathi.
Release date17 April 2023
Budget1 crore inr Rupees Approximately.

Episodes Total 5 episodes. 
Running time21 to 35 Minutes
Cast name 
  • Priyanka 
  • Ashraf 
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