Sanjna singh Bun Maska Chokri Biography, age, real name, address.

Introducing Sanjna Singh other name Maska Chokri: The Captivating Instagram Video Creator and Model.

Meet Bun Maska Chokri, the charismatic social media sensation with a strong presence on Instagram. With a total of 78 posts, she has managed to amass an impressive following of 285,000 devoted fans, while following 733 accounts herself. Her real name is Sanjna Singh.📌

Bun Maska Chokri

Bun Maska Chokri's rise to fame began when her reels, particularly one titled "Innocent Face, Not So Innocent Thoughts," went viral on Instagram. This captivating video garnered over 261,174 likes and received 1,700 comments, showcasing her undeniable talent and charm.

Beyond her video creations, Bun Maska Chokri also excels as a model and influencer. With her striking beauty and versatility, she captivates her audience with each post, leaving a lasting impact on her followers.

Based in Mumbai, India, Bun Maska Chokri takes pride in her cultural identity and often adorns a tilak on her forehead, enhancing her natural beauty and elegance.

Bun Maska Chokri Instagram

At approximately 23 years old, Bun Maska Chokri has become a recognizable face in the modeling industry. Her unique features have attracted attention both locally and internationally, with many noting her resemblance to a foreigner.

Open to collaborations and promotions, Bun Maska Chokri welcomes opportunities to work with brands and fellow creators. For collaboration or promotion inquiries, she encourages interested parties to reach out via direct message.

With her infectious energy and undeniable talent, Bun Maska Chokri continues to capture the hearts of her ever-growing audience. Her journey as a video creator, model, and influencer is just beginning, promising even more exciting content and accomplishments in the future.

These data are speculative.

Weightapprox 58 Kg
Height 5 fet 4 inch
Eye ColourBlack
Body type
Hair Color Black 
Hip Size
Bust Size 

Birth and personal details. 

  Real Name Sanjna
Birthplace Mumbai 
Nationally Indian.
Net Worth $10k
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