Palangtod Gaon ki Garmi season 3 ullu web series with mahi khan.


We had told you that season 3 of Palangtod Gaon ki Garmi is going to be seen very soon. Finally today we got to see the trailer of this famous web series. I was excited for season 3 because its first season was a huge hit. So let us review the trailer of Palangtod Gaon Ki Garmi Season 3 today. Which was released a few days ago on the ullu ott app. So let's start the blog quickly.

I saw the trailer of this web series some time ago and this trailer has been made very well by the people of ullu original app. The way we used to get to see the trailer in the first episode of Palangtod, we are getting to see more of it. 📌

On this Palangtod Gaon Ki Garmi season 3, we will get to see Mahi Kaur as the main actress. Even before this, Mahi Kaur was seen acting in Palangtod Gaon Ki Garmi season 2. His acting audience likes it very much. Mahi Kaur looks very beautiful in the web series with village content.

Released on 14 January 2022, its season two did not do much. But now what are shown to us in its third season, to what level will the scenes of the series go? Its main actress Mahi Kaur will be able to make us happy through acting and scene or not? This will be known only after watching Palangtod Gaon Ki Garmi season 3.

Because nothing was shown in the trailer regarding the scene so that we can guess about the scene. But you guys can have some hope. Why? Because the director of the series has changed on this season 3. Last time we got to see the director of this series Ssk but this time the director of the series is someone else. We had given season two a chance to rule our hearts, but season 2 was a failure. This time Creator people have a good chance to bring Mahi Kaur back on track and also their platform.

If this series turns out to be good in terms of scenes, then literally once again the craze of Ullu app will spread to all the people. Because since few months the craze of ullu app is going down. Public viewing of these webseries is reducing. The main reason for this is that now people are not getting to see strong story and scenes in ullu seri

I just hope this time that its director has made this webseries in a good way. You people will get to see this on ullu ott platform on 12 May 2023. In this, you may get to see four or five episodes.

And talking about the story, in the story you will see that Sonu is once again going to come to his Mami's house on summer vacation. And this Mami's house is on a beautiful village far away from the city. And you all know that in season 2, what does this Sonu do whenever he comes to Mami's house? But this time, we guys will have to watch this to know what else Sonu will try to do along with enjoying the vacation at Mami's house. As soon as it is released, we will reach you with full review soon.

Mahi Kaur web series
Story type Romance and suspense. 
Released Platform ullu original app
Release date12 May 2023
Budget15 lakh inr Rupees Approximately.

Episodes Total 5 episodes. 
Running time25 to 30  Minutes
 Cast name 
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