Ghar ka call boy prime play web series all episodes watch online.

We are getting to see a new series on Prime play ott platform called Ghar ka call boy. So let's know what is going to be the story and casting and released date of this new web series! And also what good and what bad did I get to see in this series?

I have seen this series and today I will tell you whether this Ghar ka call boy web series is worth watching or not.

I am not saying this today, I have been saying this for a whole month that nowadays the series of prime play ott platform do not give fun. The same has happened with this series also, in this series you people do not get to see the thing called fun. While the starcast of this web series was quite good but still this Ghar ka call boy web series went completely decent due to low quality Story and Scenes. All the star cast in this, you people will get to see beautiful from their faces. Apart from this, you people will not get to see anything good.

Ghar ka call boy web series

I mean I am talking about acting. I did not like the acting of anyone here. And the BGM and dubbing work of the series is also completely decent.

This Ghar ka call boy has been released on Prime play's app on June 3, 2023 and in this guys you get to see three episodes, whose time duration will be shown to you between 19 to 25 minutes. When you sit to watch this series, then you will forget that it is a prime play series of ott platform.

Prime play web series

You people will feel that I am watching the series of some other platform. Because this is not a webseries with high quality story and scenes like before Prime play.

Many people did not know about this Ghar ka call boy. Because neither the teaser nor the trailer of the series was released earlier. So the public could not know because of this that a new series of prime play is coming! But now finally this series is streaming on Prime Play's app. If you guys have seen this review then you guys can decide whether I am going to watch the series or not! If you have liked the actress in the trailer and you want to see it only because of the looks of the actress, then you can see the rest, we want to say again that the Story and Scenes of this webseries were not so good to see. This was just the review I wanted to give to you guys.

Prime play web series

Cast Name.

  • Arohi
  • Bharti Jha
  • Kaira Shehgel
  • Manish Patel
  • Sarita Bhumi
  • Teena

Story type Romance
and Entertainment
Released Platform Prime play app 
LanguageHindi, tamil, talagu, Bangala.
Release date2 jun 2023
Budget40 lakh inr Rupees Approxima

Episodes Total  2 episodes. 
Running time24 to 29  Minutes
Director NameS. Rao

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