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Hey everyone! Today let's talk about the talented Indian actress and model Anita Jaiswal. You must have seen her as 'Naina' in the popular web series "Anari".📌

Anita Jaiswal web series

His present age is around 28 years. He was born in a village in Uttar Pradesh state of India. Along with acting, she loves to do Modern Dance.

Anita's journey in the acting world began in 2019 with her debut film Tute Khwab. but guess what? 2023 turns out to be a big year for him! Because in the same year itself he surprised us with brilliant performances in web series like "Taak Jhanak" (Nikki) and "61-62" (where he played the main character). And not to forget his roles in "Dirty Entertainer" and "Palang Tod (Gaon Ki Garmi 3)". But if seen, Anita became popular overnight with Anari and Anari Part 3. Jaha Par Bo had acted as Naina.

Anita Jaiswal Biography

Apart from her acting skills, Anita loves clicking selfies and is also passionate about photography. Capturing moments and exploring nature is his passion.

And here's something good - she is a great devotee of Lord Shiva (Mahadev Shiva). How amazing is that?

When it comes to fashion, Anita's choices are cutting edge. She likes brands like Levi's, Gap, Louis Vuitton and Calvin Klein. stylish, huh?

Oh, and one more thing! Anita likes to relish non-vegetarian food. Along with that, he likes to eat raw fruits and Indian food like Batti Chokha, Bedhai, Pedha, Chaat etc.

Actress Anita Jaiswal

Friends! Anita Jaiswal is fast making a mark in the entertainment world, and we can't wait to see more of her web series on the big and small screens. Go Anita! Go ahead and keep entertaining us with your best performances like this.

Anita Web series List.

1. Anari

"Anari" is a new web series that came out on July 11, 2023. It's a mix of drama and romance, which means there are lots of emotions and love stories. The show is available on an OTT platform called Ullu original. The story is about different people and their relationships, and it's directed by someone named Afi. The actors in the series are Anita Jaiswal, Priya Gamre, Muskan Agarwal, Dhiraj Kumar Rai, and Bhanu Suryam. The people who made this show had a budget of 16 lakh to create it.

Jaiswal anita

2. 61, 62 Thora Dhira Dhira

Released Date: May 05, 2023 Get hooked on the intense drama of "61 62" as it Released on DIGI Movieplex. With talented actresses Bharti Jha and Anita, this Hindi series promises riveting performances and captivating storytelling. Don't miss the emotional rollercoaster!

3. Taak Jhanak

"Taak Jhanak" came out on May 26, 2023, and it's a mix of romance and suspense. It's available on Taak Cinema Originals. The series has 5 episodes in its first season, and each episode is about 45 minutes long. The story is full of mystery and excitement. The actors in the series are Anita Jaiswal, Shayana Khatri, Vivan Shrivastav, Virat Yadav, and Eajaz. They made this show with a budget of 7 lakh.

4. Dirty Entertainer

"Dirty Entertainer" was released on May 21, 2023. It's a suspenseful drama, and it's available on a platform called "wow." Each episode is about 20 minutes long. The series has some talented actors like Anita Jaiswal, Shweta Ghosh, Neha Gupta, and Shakespeare. The people who made this show had a budget of 10 lakh to create it.

5. Palangtod Gaon Ki Garmi Season 3

This is the third season of a series that was released on May 12, 2023. It's a mix of entertainment and love stories. You can watch it on Ullu original. The series is directed by Rafique and written by Praveen Rajan. The actors in the show include Anita Jaiswal, Anupam Gahoi, Bhanu Suryam, Himanshu Sharma, Mahi Kaur, and Bhimraj Malaji.

6. Capsule

We don't know the release date of this series, but it's going to be a horror story. It will be about 29 minutes long and available on a platform called Ox9. The actors in the series are Anita, Ruma, and Anupam. The budget for this show is 5 lakh.

That's all the information about these exciting web series! You can watch them on the platforms mentioned and enjoy different stories filled with emotions, suspense, and love. Have fun watching!

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