Lucky razor model age, biography and hometown.

Lucky Rojor is a popular Indian teenager on Instagram and other socialmedia site . She's a model and Reels creator, and her Instagram username is @luckyrajor_. She lives and birth in Gurgaon, Haryana, India.

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Lucky's birthday is on March 14th, 2003, so she's 20 years old now. She was born in a Hindu family and is from India. Her zodiac sign is Pisces, which is represented by a fish.

Lucky became famous on Instagram because of a video she was in. It was a Reels video called "Kiya kiya (Slow+Reverb)" by Sourav Verma and Anurag Anand. In the Reels video, she danced like a schoolgirl. It's amazing that the video became really popular and went viral overnight!

Lucky razor
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Lucky attends Gurgaon Model School for her education, and she further pursues her studies at Gurgaon Mahavidhyalaya, a college in Gurgaon. add her school name.  Gurgaon model school and college name is Gurgaon Mahavidhyalaya. She love reading, watch flims, she love modern dresses in this article

In addition to her modeling and video-making talents, Lucky enjoys reading and watching films. She has a fondness for modern dresses, which adds to her unique style and fashion sense.

Lucky razor age
This photos is collected on the respected owner's Instagram account.

Lucky is really good at making videos about fashion and beauty. She looks amazing in all her videos. Big brands like Amazon, Flipkart, and Zara have even worked with her. It's so cool that she gets to collaborate with these famous brands. Her family and friends support her a lot.

If you want to see Lucky's awesome pictures and videos, you should follow her on Instagram. She has a lot of fans who love her. She's achieving great things at such a young age. Keep it up, Lucky!

Lucky Rojor
Instagram Username:@luckyrajor_
Location:Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Birthday:March 14th, 2003
Age:20 years old
Zodiac Sign:Pisces (represented by a fish)
School:Gurgaon Model School
College:Gurgaon Mahavidhyalaya
Interests:Reading, watching films
Style:Modern dresses
Claim to Fame:Featured in the Reels video “Kiya kiya (Slow+Reverb)” by Sourav Verma and Anurag Anand
Collaborations:Amazon, Flipkart, Zara
Support:Family and friends
Social Media:Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter

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