Naqaab web series all episodes and all actress name.

 I do not understand this mask game. The masked girl who is seen dancing inside a mobile, may be fun but I really don't even know what's next. Finally here we got to see the trailer of Naqaab web series on prime play. Now what is good and what is bad in this web series? When will this web series release? How's the casting? This is what I am going to tell you in this article today. So hello welcome to all of you on our

Naqaab prime play web series

The name of this web series is Naqaab and we have not been shown anything related to Naqaab in the trailer of this series. After a long time I am going to like any story of prime play. If we look at this story, guys, not much has been revealed in this story yet, which is a good thing for the series and along with this, Jaishree Gaikwad once again gives us Prime play through this web series. But will be seen. For a long time, we did not get to see this actress on any platform. Now it is coming on prime play so maybe we will have a lot of fun. Along with this, the casting of the series is also very good and now talking about its story, understand that the story of the series will only have debauchery, but what else will happen in the story along with it? We haven't been shown that much in the trailer. In the story, we were only shown that there is a sarpanch in a village. Those who want to run their village in a good way but at the same time they are also money makers. It means that the nephew who is going to handle the work of Sarpanch ji also wants to sit on the Sarpanch's chair somewhere. But how? What will the story of the last series show us in the future? What will be the role of actress Jaishree Gaikwad in this series? Guys we have to watch this Naqaab to know what she is up to. Has been released on 30 June 2023 on Naqaab prime play app.

Naqaab prime play web series

In this series you will get to see five or six episodes. And in this we will be shown three actors, out of which one will be Jaishree Gaikwad, second will be Anu Maurya and third may be Neha Gupta or new cast, I don't know much about the third one, but both the actors will be shown to us. Which is quite amazing, so far everything is good in the trailer of this. If only the director of Naqaab has kept the scenes well, then it will be a lot of fun.

Naqaab prime play web series

Naqaab Cast Names.

  1. Prajkta Girdhar,
  2. Jayshree Gaikward ,
  3. Tarakesh chauhan, and many more.

Story type 
Romance and Suspense.
Released Platform / Online player Name Prime play 
Release date 30 june 2023
89 lakh inr Rupees Approxima

Season and parts

Total Episode Multiple episodes 
Running time16 Minutes par episodes. 
Director Nameunknown 
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