The Bucket List ullu web series watch online, cast name, Release date and review.

Bucket list! What is being done with these buckets? The name of this series should have been Syntax! But we are getting to see the bucket list, so finally we don't know where this series came from, which we just got to see the trailer on Ullu original app. So today we will talk about this series and along with it we will also know what is good and what is bad seen in the trailer? And when will this Bucket list series be released?

Bharti Jha web series
Actress Bharti Jha. 

I called this web series Syntax because in this series we are getting to see two Jahar actresses who can add syntax full boldness to the series. First comes Bharti jha and then Ayushi Jaiswal. Both of them are very amazing and attractive actors and both of them know very well what is Ullu app and what kind of series people like to watch on Ullu app and how to give promotion to us.

Aayushi Jaiswal web series
Actress Aayushi Jaiswal.

If the director of this series turns out to be Punit Goyal, then this series will not hold back in setting things on fire. Why? Because recently we got to see a series by Punit Goyal which was quite good, the name of which was Chachi Number One. I know, I know very well, this Doraha is not going to be at the level of web series but maybe we will get to see this series well. But here I will not immediately reassure you that the series will be good. If we look at the current situation, the earlier Hum Logo series by actress Alia Naaz, which was seen on Ullu app, was completely useless. Maybe the same will happen with this series also. I am saying good and bad because right now I don't trust Ullu people at all. These people bring good trailers but when we sit to watch the series, our mind gets disturbed, hence I will not tell you much here that the series will be good or bad. Let the series be released, after that I will come with the review, then I will tell you whether this web series is worthy of you or not. It will be released on Ullu app on 10 November 2023. And in this series you may get to see seven or eight episodes. Look, Bharti Jha is in the role of Nain Actress in the series, so no doubt she will not compromise in giving the scenes. And along with this, actress Ayushi Jaiswal will also be seen. So this was just the small review that I was trying to convey to you. Meeting you guys for the full review of this series.

Bucket List Web Series Details.

Series NameThe Bucket List
Lead ActressesBharti Jha,

Aayushi Jaiswal.
DirectorPunit Goyal (Unconfirmed)
Release DateNovember 10, 2023
Number of EpisodesExpected seven or eight episodes
PlatformUllu App
GenreFantasy, Love
Time Duration1 hours 2 minutes 4 second.
Language This Web series released on Many indian Regional Languages. like - Hindi , Tamil, Talagu, Bangali.
Making Budget30 lakh Approximately. 
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