Gian hai aap viral meme that made everyone laugh.

You may have heard the saying “Gian Hai Aap” on social media or seen a meme with this phrase! Actually, this line is becoming quite popular on social media and has made many people laugh.

But where did this idiom come from and what does it mean? let's find out.

Origin of "Gian hai aap".

Gian hai aap

The phrase "Gian hai aap" originated from a video of a YouTube channel called "bheya ji gazab". In this video, a female reporter was talking to some boys about the leaders of two political parties of India, Modi ji and Rahul Gandhi. And then a middle-aged man called Rahul Gandhi "Pappu", actually Pappu is a nickname that some people use to make fun of Rahul Gandhi, implying that he is stupid or incompetent.

So at that time a boy named Adil got angry after hearing this and said to that person, "You are the biggest Pappu, I have seen your face, you are the master."

Gian is a character from the children's anime series Doraemon who is a bully and a bad singer. Adil was a fan of Rahul Gandhi, so he wanted to insult the person who called him Pappu. He compared him to Gian, saying that he looks like him and that he is the same.

This video was uploaded on YouTube channel named Bhaiya ji gazab on February 1, 2024 and soon went viral. Many people found it funny and started making memes and jokes with the phrase "Gian hai aap". Some people also used it to troll or roast others on social media.

Gian hai aap meaning.

The phrase "Gian hai aap" literally means "You are Gian" in English. It has been used to insult someone by comparing them to the cartoon character Jian. It implies that the person is ugly, stupid, annoying, or arrogant.

“Gian hai aap” has become a catch phrase for many people, who are using it in their daily conversations or comments. Also now this phrase has become a part of Indian internet culture and has entertained many people.

Gian hai aap guy NameAdil
OriginYouTube video on "Bhaiya ji gazab" channel (February 1, 2024)
MeaningLiteral translation: "You are Gian" (Insult comparing someone to the cartoon character Gian)
UsagePopular catchphrase on social media, used for humor and trolling
ImpactBecame a part of Indian internet culture, widely used in memes and jokes
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