Tejaswini Prabhakar Gowda new web series list and biography.

Welcome to our uttarpurbanchal.com. Today we will know about the webseries and biography of web series actress Tejaswini Prabhakar Gowda.

Tejaswini Prabhakar Gowda, another rising star in the digital entertainment industry, is getting recognition for her charming performance in romantic web series. Tejashwi is a model and actress who recently entered the local web series industry.

Tejaswini Prabhakar gowda web series

Tejaswini Prabhakar Ghoda has around 30k followers on her Instagram account. Born on 29 February 1997, Tejaswini appeared in her first romantic love web series Vashikaran on Prime Play. Gave tremendous romantic scenes in it. After that she came to an OTT platform called Big Shots. After that, she was seen in the second web series Transaction on Big Shots where she set the local Hindi web series industry on fire by doing tremendous acting with old actor Mohammad Iqbal Syed in the third episode. Due to which she got that recognition overnight, which many actresses are not able to get even after doing many web series. Tejaswini started becoming popular very fast due to her performance in Len Den web series, due to which people started demanding from her to watch uncut web series. 

When some people started asking about the Uncut series through comments on her Instagram account, she replied by clearly saying no to Uncut for the time being.

Tejaswini Prabhakar gowda web series
Full NameTejaswini Prabhakar Gowda
Instagram Followers30k
Birthdate29 February 1997
First Web SeriesVashikaran on Prime Play
Working OTTP PlatformsBig Shots, prime play, BigShots, Hunters app, Moodx, Showhit, 
Second Web SeriesTransaction on Big Shots
RecognitionOvernight fame for acting in Len Den web series
AgeApproximately 30 years
InterestsActing and Dancing
Education12th Pass
Current LocationMumbai

List of all his web series -

So guys, the name of Tejaswini's second web series is Maya Sutra, which has been released on an OTT app called Mood X. So what concept is the story of this series going to be? And when will we get to see the series? So let us know now - This time we will see Tejaswini in a modern look in the series of Moodx and the story will basically be about uncle and niece and you will get to see it on 2024-02-27. Will get it. The making budget of this web series is approximately 23 lakh Indian Rupees.

1. Malkin Ji:

"Malkin Ji" is a romantic adult web series which was released on 2 March 2024. In this web series you will see other actors and actresses acting along with Tejashwini Prabhakar. And it was released on an OTT app called ShowHit. This series has received more than 10 lakh views so far. The production budget of this series can be around 7.4 lakhs.

2. Chaam Sutra (E02):

This series named ChaamSutra was released on February 17, 2024. This is a funny and romantic web series. Tejashwini has played the lead role in this show. Which can be seen on a popular OTT platform called MoodX. More than 40 thousand viewers have watched this series so far. The budget for making this series is approximately Rs 6 lakh.

3. Len Den (E07-E08):

Len Den, a web series based on relationships and love, was released on February 16, 2024 on an ott platform called BigShots. The cast includes Babita Dubey, Tejashwini Prabhakar and others. And it has been viewed more than 300k times. The estimated production budget of this series is between 7.4 lakh to 14.9 lakh.

4. Galtian (E04-E07):

Galtiyan is a suspense filled Hindi language web series released on February 8, 2024. In this, talented actors like Jonita D'Cruz, Priyanka Chaurasia and Priya Ray have acted along with Tejashwini. The making budget of this series can range from 7.8 lakh to 10 lakh. You can see this Galtiyan on Hunters app.

5. Vasheekaran (E04-E06): 

Released on January 26, 2024 on the ott app called Primeplay, this webseries named Vasheekaran is full of thriller and mystery starring Shayana Khatri, Anu Moriya, Sweta Yadav and various actors along with Tejashwini. Have also given excellent performances. You can still watch it on PrimePlay app and it has been viewed more than 10 lakh times. The estimated production budget of this series ranges from 10 lakh to 14.7 lakh.

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