Supa supi Assamese web series actress, Release date and all information.

"Supa Supi" is a very popular Assamese web series produced by Pranab Bharali. You can watch this one for free on YouTube. The film will be released on June 12, 2024 and is available on the Atlas Creation YouTube channel. You will see a total of 9 episodes in this Supa supi series. Each episode has been enjoyed by more than 10 million viewers.

Supa supi actress

What is the story like?

The story is about three school friends in a village. Their names are Deepak, Roop, and Chanakya, and the story of the series revolves around them. Here is a story that started between 2000 and The end of the webseries shows how people's behavior has changed since the arrival of a keypad mobile phone in the village.


How society changed with the advent of mobile phones, before the use of mobile phones, people expressed their love through letters, which resulted in real emotions and less volatility. Later, love became easier on mobile phones, sometimes people fell in love with the wrong number.

The webseries begins with Rup, dipak and Chanakya.

Roop: His class teacher falls in love with Diptala Ma'am.

Deepak: He falls in love with his classmate Sangeeta.

Chanakya: He falls in love with a girl he met through the wrong number.

The serial also features an interesting character named Urmila Aunty, whose husband serves in the Army and is deployed in Kashmir and has left Urmila Aunty alone at home.

Urmila Aunty.
Urmila Aunty

  • Pco owner: Himanshu Prasad Das
  • Urmila: Snigdha Gogoi
  • Deepak: Kaushik Bharadwaj
  • Rup: Saptarshi Gogoi
  • Chanakya: Jit Kalita
  • Sangita: Boibhabi Goswami
  • Bogo: Jintu Kumar Kashyap
  • Pinku: Bedabrata Borah
  • Hirak: Tripid Roy
  • Headmaster: Bipul Thakuria
  • Phone Addict Boy: Manjit Kakoti
  • Deepak's Mother: Jonali Kakati
  • Rup's Mother: Anjali Devi
  • Chanakya's Mother: Lonima Dutta
  • Urmila's Daughter: Hridisha Talukdar
  • Sangita's Friend: Borokha Kashyap
  • Food Dish: Dilip Medhi
  • Hirak's Mother: Jhilmil Deka
  • Bogo's Mother: Kanchan Talukdar
  • Teacher: Bipul Kumar Lahkar
  • Postman: Kalpa Kakoti
  • Rup's Sister: Treating Talukdar

Production and Crew

The series is produced by Hrishikish Patgiri. Here are some of the key members of the crew:

  • Story & Screenplay: Pranab Bharali
  • Director: Raktim Hazarika
  • Editing & Color Grading: Uddipta Kumar Bhattacharyya
  • Sound Design and Mixing: Hirakjyoti Nath
  • Chief Assistant Director: Jyotishman Sharma
  • Assistant Director: Snigdha Baruah
  • Assistant Cinematographer: Supranta Hazarika
  • Background Score: Arnab Bashistha
  • Production Manager: Mrinal Haloi
  • Makeup Artist: Nirmali Kashyap
  • VFX Artist: Achyut Dutta, The Underground Editor
  • Costume: Hiemakshi Borah
  • Patch DOP: Chandra Kumar Das
  • Aerial Cinematography: Nilim Bey
  • Assistant Editor: Innocent Basumatary, Chinmoy Shivam
  • Production Team: Rupam Patgiri, Tridip Roy
  • Special Appearances: Kamal Lochan

"Supa Supi" is a nostalgic moment in the early 2000s and shows how love and human nature have changed with the advent of mobile phones. The series has reached a total of 20 million viewers in 9 episodes. This is clear how the webseries has attracted viewers.

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