Badan ullu hot web series cast aayushi Jaiswal watch online.

What an easy word to hear girl? But when you people will get down to its incarnation, then you will know how complicated this word is. You people cannot even guess when what will be done. Today ullu app people launched a web series trailer. The name of this web series is Badan. Today we will review the trailer of this web series. So let's start the blog quickly.

First of all, the story of Badan web series is not quite unique, but the story will give a lot of fun to the viewers in the future. I just saw its trailer and a lot of suspense has been created in the trailer. So going forward the story of this webseries is going to be good and on top of that we are getting to see actress Aayushi Jaiswal in this body after a long time.

Actress Aayushi Jaiswal. 

So understand that the fun will increase a lot here and along with Aayushi, you will also get to see Leena Sharma in this series. So that's why it can give you good fun in terms of scenes and story. Badan web series is being released on 21 March 2023 on ullu app. And it is possible that you people will get to see more than three episodes in this. I have seen the trailer of this and looking at the story here it seems that there will be more than three episodes for sure.

Talking about the story.

In the story, we were shown a boy who is in love with a married girl. The girl also loves it very much. But somewhere or the other she is using it, where is she using it now? For what are you using it? If you guys want to know then you guys have to watch it on 21 March 2023 on ullu app. You people will get to see its story very well. Along with this, you will also get to see good scenes. So just wait for 21 March 2023. As soon as it is released, I will immediately reach with the review.

Story type love and suspense 
Released date21 March 2023
Director Name Puneet Goyal 
Budget5 cr rupees Approximately.

Number of episodes1,2,3
Time duration 20 to 24 Minutes
 cast name 
  1. Aayushi Jaiswal. 
  2. Leena Sharma.
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