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Friends, finally the teaser of Pehredaar season 2 is out on the Prime play app. Who will be the cast in Pehredaar season 2 and what story will we get to see in it? At the same time, I am going to tell on this article, if you like this article, then please follow So in this web series you have got to see the acting of Sharanya Jit kaur and shyna khatri. Sharanya Jit kaur was not in season one but she will be seen in part 2 this time. Like the old part in the trailer, Jayshree Gaikwad and Neha Gupta have not been shown in this part. 📌

Pehredaar season 2

Now both of these will be in Pehredaar season 2 or not, we will know only after the web series comes. By the way, Deepak Dutt has also been seen in the teaser. If you have not been in Neha Gupta and Jayshree Gaikwad Pehredaar season 2, then there will probably be some relation between Sharanya Jit kaur and Deepak Dutt.

Nothing can be guessed more than a two-second teaser. The real game will be known only after the trailer of Pehredaar season 2 arrives. Talking about the story of the rest of this series, the same story we got to see in season 1 will remain the same in season 2.

Pehredaar season 2

Meaning there is a rule on a village that as much as the son has over his wife on that village, the father-in-law also has the same right over his daughter-in-law. Friends, the trailer of this series will be available to be seen on the prime play app in a day or two. And I will review as soon as the trailer comes. For now, if you like this update for today, then share one.

Pehredaar season 2 Cast Name :

1. Shyna khatri. Click here 

2. Sharanya Jit kaur. Click here

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