Jabran part 2 Donna Munshi ullu web series.

Watch Donna Munshi and Mahi Khan new ullu web series Jabran part 1 and 2.

Many people are calling this Ullu Ka Jabran part web series good and many people are also saying bad. What is the matter after all? Jabran web series gives so much fun and what is good and what is bad in it, Jabran web series is worth watching or not, today I am going to tell you in this update, so today we are going to review Jabran part 1 and Along with this, Jabran will also review the trailer of Part Two. So let's start the update quickly. 

Donna Munshi web series

Now see , this web series of ullu app is being called bad by those people who like to watch daughter-in-law and father-in-law series. That's what goes on in their mind and they like all the same things and those people are calling this series good who get to see a good story as well as a good scene along with it. Talking about me, I liked this series. It is not that the series is useless.

Somewhere if you people watch this series, then you will like the series. Yes, I know there is not much power in the story of the series, but you people get to see the story somewhere or the other. The series is long but you guys get to see tremendous scenes in the series. So if you guys want to watch this series because of the scene, then definitely check out this series once. Now if I talk about Part One here, you people will get to see Part One very well. The series has gone a long way in terms of scenes. If there is Pihu kanojia in the series, will it not disappoint you guys?

Mahi Khan web series

Along with this, you also get to see good scenes of Dona Munshi and somewhere if you like to see a full designer story then do not forget to check out this series. You guys will like the story a lot on that basis. In this part one, you guys got to see four episodes and after four episodes the series ended. Means the ending of part one was done. Now in this part two guys, you guys will definitely get to see good scenes. Along with this, you will also get to see the story very well.

How Maya is going to replace Salini now, you would know very well. Sani's husband has a different kind of desire. Now the way designer Shalini's husband likes it. Maya likes the same type of designer. Now it is to be seen in the series that what happens next in the series. You will get to see this Jabran part 2 on 6th December and in this part two you may get to see three episodes why? Because the story of the series is still incomplete and the story is going to be a bit long.

So yes, three episodes can be seen. Now as soon as the series is released, I will bring the review. If you guys haven't seen Jabran Part One yet, then I say go, the series has been made very well in terms of scenes. So if you guys haven't seen then go check out and wait for part two, I will tell you guys how is part two? So I'll just go with this.

Cast Name

  • Donna Munshi
  • Jatin Bhatia 
  • Mahi Khan 
  • Prashant Pandit
  • Pihu Kanojia
  • Karan Mehta 
  • Ved Dubey 
Story type Romantic and suspense 
Released platformullu original 
Release date5th December 2022
Number of episodes1
Time duration 2 hours 2 minutes .
 Director Ajai
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