Palang tod gaon ki garmi season 2 part 2 mahi kaur web series watch.

Watch ullu Palang tod Gaon Ki Garmi with Mahi Kaur. 

I hope and pray that you guys will be much better. I thought its part two would get stuck for a month now, but here the ullu people did not do that. So let us do today the review of Palang tod Gaon Ki Garmi season 2 part 2 trailer which is a hindi web series of co ullu app.

Palang tod web series


Mami ji has made this poor Mansi sit for cooking and she herself is playing cricket inside. Palang tod gaon ki garmi part one so we did not get to see anything special. And this time the trailer of Part 2 has come and I am finding something interesting in the trailer of Part 2. But I found this scene inserted in the middle of the story a bit strange because we have seen many such series. Don't know why these people are giving so much focus on this thing in Ullu's series? While we want to see very little of this in Ullu's series, let's see what is good to see in its part two. Now let me tell you when will Gaon Ki Garmi be released? So this series of Palang tod is being released on January 14, 2022 on the platform of ullu original and you may get to see two or three episodes in it. When she debuted in the series of ullu app for the first time, from then till today, you can watch any of her series, along with acting, all the scenes are winning, you people will get to see a lot of chaos and Mahi Kaur keeps improving herself every time. Has been This time also we got to see people in a better look but it was a bit missed. Because of the scene, I will not completely blame Mahi Kaur here. The director of the series is also at fault because he has directed this series. I want to tell the director of the series to show us everything good in this part two because we have not seen any amazing series on ullu app since many months.

Now let's talk about the story, in part one, we saw Madan and Mahi Kaur were talking with eye contact and then both of them fell in love and here the story of the series was over. Now in this part two, you will see that both Madan and Mahi Kaur are playing catch-up catch-up.

I didn't understand one thing here that here she is playing catch with a lot of noise and maternal uncle is sleeping after selling horses,,, I am feeling that this maternal uncle will fail Kumbhakarna as well. Look at Urja Mama, your respect is being looted. What we did not get to see in Part One, we will get to see in Part Two because Madan and Mahi Kaur have reached the point at which we wanted to see them. But here comes a problem, when both of them are locked in the room then Mansi has come here.
Now Mansi will see these two or not? We will know this only after watching Palang tod Gaon Ki Garmi Season 2 part 2 web series on ullu app. So my brothers, as soon as the full series is released on ullu, I will tell you about this series by explaining it in detail, so I will go with this and meet you guys in my next article.

"Mahi Kaur"

Cast Name

  • Mahi Kaur,
  • Anupam Gahoyi,
  • Shivam Tiwari 
  •  Megha.

Story type 

love and suspense 

Released platform

ullu original app


Hindi, English, Tamil, talagu, kannada

Release date

7 January 2022. 



Number of episodes


Time duration 

2 hours 2 minutes .


Sameer Salim Khan

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