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So just recently, some updates regarding Mastram season 2 web series have come out, which I am going to tell you in this article today because there are many people who are eagerly waiting for Mastram season 2, so I will update them today. I am about to tell, so stay updated from beginning to end. When the trailer of Mastram season 1 was released on YouTube, people were not giving much importance to the trailer, but as soon as the series was released, people saw this series and the reaction that came out was absolutely mind blowing. People liked this web series very much. This series has got 700 to 800 million views so far. But if you guys have seen season one then the story of that series is still incomplete. The story of this series was going to be completely complete in season two. But the updates that have come out are heart-wrenching and may be you guys get a little sad after listening to this update!

But what should I do, it is necessary to tell you the update! So in the update it has come to know that fight has started between Mx player and his production and the reason behind this fight is money production. Here she is asking money from mx players and mx players are refusing to give money and because of this a fight has started between the two and if you open mx player app and watch Mastram season one If you search, you people will not get to see Mastram webseries.

Mastram web series

In the midst of this fight, MX players have removed the Mastram web series from the web MX player's app. So now the question arises here, who? Will we get to see season two or not? So look at the moment, you people will not get to see season two. In the future, if the issues related to money get resolved between the two, then this series may be released. As much as you guys were excited about this series, so was I. Now here, if any update comes out in the future, then I will make an article and inform you immediately. So if you guys have liked this update, please do not forget to share the article and subscribe to for similar updates.


Mastram season 2 cast name :

  1. Anshuman Jha, 
  2. Tara Alisha Berry, 
  3. Jagat Rawat, 
  4. Aakash Dabhade, 
  5. Abha Paul, 
  6. Kenisha Awasthi,
  7. Garima Jain, 
  8. Rani Chatterjee,
  9. Isha Chhabra, 
  10. Amrita Das Gupta, 
  11. Ashmita Jaggi ,
  12. Kamalika Chanda ,
  13. Nehal Vadoliya , 
  14. Vipin Sharma,
  15. Ravi Sharma,
  16. Vivek Jha.

Released date :

 30 April 2020.

Released platform: 

Mx player.

Mastram season 2 director :

Bhaumik Gondaliya 

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