Sautele Kamalika Chanda prime play web series

I know you guys are looking for fun. Literally you people are going to get fun, just you people are late to watch the series, after that you will also say Prime play is always best. Right now I am watching Sautele web series which is of prime play app. So what good and bad did I see in this? This is what I am going to tell you in this update today, so hello welcome. All of you on our

Prime play web series

I am saying in front of you, keep as much as you expect from it. You guys are going to get a lot of fun from any of the actors in this. When I was watching this web series, I also enjoyed it literally, felt that yes I have seen some beautiful web series. In terms of scenes, this web series has gone up to the very top and here you people get to see its story properly.

Ekta more
Actress : Ekta more. 

Kamalika Chanda came to us after a long time and she gave what we were expecting from her. Yes, if you guys watch Sautele web series for Kamalika Chanda then it will never disappoint you. Along with this, we got to see a third actor in the role of maid. If you people see her too, she too kills herself unilaterally in the scene. I don't know the name of this third actors but ever since I saw them in Prime Play's webseries, my focus is on them.

Actress: Sarita Kamal warsi.

I am looking. His acting is very good. Along with this, she does not hold back from giving scenes. So if you guys want to watch this web series for them too, then definitely I would say check it out once, you guys will get a lot of fun. Sautele has been released on Prime play app on 23 December 2022. And now guys in this you get to see only two episodes whose time duration is between 32 to 34 minutes and one thing let me tell you that the story is not over yet . Next week you guys will get to see more episodes of this and as you guys get to watch the episodes, believe me the fun will increase even more. If you haven't seen this yet, what are you doing, go and see it.

Soniya jha web series
Actress: Soniya jha.

It has been made very well in terms of scenes and those who have seen it can send me a message and tell me how did you like it and how did you like Kamalika Chanda's comeback? So this was just the review that I wanted to give to you guys, so I will go with this.

  • Kamalika Chanda 
  • Sarita Kamal warsi
  • Ekta more
  • Deepak Dutt Sharma 
  • Farhaan 
  • Soni jha
  • Fravash Ranjan
Story type Romantic and Entertainment
Released platformPrime play 
LanguageHindi, tamil, talagu, Bangla
Release date23 December 2022.
Number of episodes2
Time duration 1 hours 1 minutes .
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