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So how are you guys? I hope everything will be fine. Today we will talk about the trailer of the recently released web series called Shadyantra season 2, watch season one, I felt a bit okay. There was nothing that special in it and nothing that bad. If you haven't seen season one, don't worry. You can go and watch season two directly. The story of season one is not continued here. In season one also we got to see Priya Gamre and in season two also we will get to see Priya Gamre, Ruks Khandagale, Tarakesh Chouhan. 📌

Priya Gamre hot

The casting of this, RC released almost towards ullu is picked up from the series teacher. Dekho season one aake was a crime thriller and in season two also you will get to see a crime thriller only. But this time the story looks a bit better than season one. In this season of this series, we have been shown a story of some people who are conspiring together. Out of which Russia comes first. She wants to usurp her husband's house and his property.

Priya Gamre hot

The second one who is the servant of the house Chhu also wants to grab something or the other and the third one Proya Gamre also has some kind of conspiracy going on in the house. To know the answers to all these questions, who out of these four will be able to grab something by tricking the servant of the house, which is available on Dream flims app. In this series, you will get to see about four episodes of around 25-30 minutes each and the first two episodes will be released on 30th December.

You can easily stream this web series by going there in the app and website of the link. Look at the story of this series, the story of this series is very good to me from season one and the casting done this time is also very good and very hot. And in this case, their scenes are also going to create ruckus because you know Priyanga Mere very well and their scenes are of some kind, but they are hot and along with that, I liked the dialogues inserted in the series a lot. The dialogues of the series are very dangerous and very controversial.

So if you have seen the trailer of the series or are a fan of Priya Gamre and if you are excited for this web series and how excited are you? Do tell us from the comment section. If you have seen the trailer of the series, then what is your opinion? Do tell us that too in the comment section.

  • Priya Gamre 
  • Ruks Khandagale 
  • Tarakesh Chouhan.
  • Sohail Shock
Story type Suspense and Romantic.
Released platformDreams flims
Release date30 December 2022
Number of episodes2
Time duration 31 minutes .
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