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I think this boy is from Delhi Mumbai. Had there been boys from UP and Bihar, they would have done all the things I love you till now.

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So ullu people have put the trailer of a webseries today, whose name is I love you. So today we are going to give a reaction on the trailer of this series. So let's start the update quickly. Before starting, if you people are new to this site, have come here to see the updates by mistake, then do not forget to follow www.uttarpurbanchal.com and if you like this update, then share it.

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Two good things about the trailer of this ullu web series is that the trailer of this ullu has been made very well. The story is being understood to a great extent in the trailer and the second good thing about it is that all the actors and actresses of the web series are getting to see very well. It means that in this I love you, the people of Ullu have kept the casting strong, but it is not done only by casting.

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You know very well that there should be chilli masala in the series. If it is not there, it will go to waste. You will see Neha Gupta as the main actress of this. You guys know very well that at what level are these actors? Give them any limit, they stand on that limit if the director of the web series uses them well. If you put a little pressure on the scene, then only it will be a hit, otherwise you know where it will go? Right now, in terms of ullu scenes, they are doing very well. If the same scene remains intact in this too, then it will be fun.

I am walking in a little doubt regarding this. Why? Because it is releasing on Tuesday. I love you web series is being released on ullu app on 3rd January 2023 so here I don't think it will be able to go that high in terms of scenes. But still we want to see what we try to show to the people in this internet series with ullu app? Now talking about its story, I am giving a small synopsis. In the story, you get to see an actor, from whose mouth the word I love you does not come out and he wants to get into a relationship. Why doesn't that word come out of his mouth now? If you people want to know, then you will have to watch this on January 3, 2023.

Full information. 

  • Neha Gupta 
  • Namratha
Story type Suspense and Romantic.
Released platformullu original app. 
LanguageHindi, English 
Release date3 January 2023
Number of episodes1
Time duration 31 minutes .
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