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So my viewers, finally the time has come where you will know whether Doraha part 1 web series is worth you or not? For a long time I was waiting for this ullu web series. Finally today we got to see its part one. Today we are going to review Dorha Part One web series. So let's start the review quickly. 📌

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I will say only one word on this Dohaha that is "Dhamaka". It literally gives fun and gives so much fun that you guys will be mad that what the ullu people have made of this? I told you people, keep your expectation, everything will be fulfilled. If you people watch this, then it will not disappoint you from anywhere.

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The story of this web series is going very well so far and along with it the scenes are shown like a bomb blast. Jo bhi dekhega kahenga ullu waleon has released a great webseries this month. As it goes on, the level of the series will reach a different level. I liked it very much doraha part 1 has been released on 27 December 2022 on ullu app. And guys, in this, you people get to watch three episodes, whose time duration is shown to us between 30 to 31 minutes. Talking about the star cast in this, you will get to see Bharti jha, Vineet Kumar, Avinash Chowdhary and the last one is Ruks Khandagale in the cast. Whether it is an actor or an actress in this web series, the work of all the people is very good. Its second actress is Ruks Khandagale, you guys know her very well. It doesn't let the hopes go down the drain. You will also like their work very much.

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And the main actors like Bharti, their level is different. Once you people see it, you will ask them to be cast in every web series. Bharti jha has started making the public crazy behind her, she made her debut on ullu today itself and showed her performance at the time of her debut. So if you guys are watching this for them then Kahani will not disappoint you guys. If you haven't seen it yet, I say go and watch it.

The level of Flim is quite different. You guys will get to see more episodes this Friday. Till then if you guys want to see it, go and see it. Will meet you guys on Friday with full review of this story till then take care bye.

  • Bharti Jha 
  • Vinit Kumar Medhatia 
  • Avnish Chaudhary
  • Ruks Khandagale
  • Kalyani Jha
  • Pawan Pandy
Story type Suspense and Romance 
Released platformullu original app
LanguageHindi, English,
Release date27 December 2022
Number of episodes2
Time duration 31 minutes .
Director Ssk
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