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Primeshots hot update. 

Friends, a new hindi web series trailer has come on Prime Shots called Kaam Purush and this web series will be released on prime play app on fast January. Friends, if you know about the cast in this, you will also be shocked because Aliya Naaz, Shyna Khatri and Pihu Sharma are in it. 📌

Shyna khatri hot

Aliya naaz is in web series, that is fine but what will Pihu Sharma and Shyna khatri do in both the series? Because prime play doesn't show that much ban*gin*g scene in their web series. You also know this, but Pihu Sharma and Shyna Khatri both of them show such hot scenes, you all know this.

Aliya naaz web series

Now why Prime Shots has cast these two in their web series, it will be known only after the release of Kaam Purush. I think this time probably Primeshots is also trying to show some good scenes in their webseries. Talking about the rest of the story, you will get to see magic spells in this.

Pihu Sharma hot

Aliya naaz has such a power that she can call anyone's soul into someone else's body. Now here Pihu Sharma goes to Aliya Naaz for vashi karan. Because Pihu likes the 👦 Now what is going to happen next, we will know only after Kaam purush is released. So how excited are you to watch this? Tell in the comment and if you like the update then do a share.

  • Aliya naaz 
  • Shyna khatri 
  • Pihu Sharma 
Story type Suspense and Romantic.
Released platformPrimeshots
Release date1 January 2023
Number of episodes1
Time duration 31 minutes .
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