Charmsukh jane anjane mein season 6 cast jinni jaaz ullu webseries.


New season Charmsukh ullu web series 2023.

Don't ask what will be the level of your web series? Fasten the seat belt. The weather is about to get worse. Why pasted the dialogue of Pathan? Because it was also necessary that today I am going to give you some details related to Charmsukh jana Anjane web series, so it is important for you to listen. If you are a fan of Jinnie jaaz, then definitely watch the update till the end. 📌

📌 No doubt, I can say with closed eyes that whenever this web series will be released, it will set the records on fire. The craze of Jinni jaaz will once again engulf people. I had told you that you will get to see season 6 of Jane Anjane. Along with this, you guys are also going to see Season 7 of Jane Anjane. In season six you will see Jeth along with Jinnie jaaz. Then in season seven, Jinni will be seen opposite Deepak Dutt Sharma. Editing was underway in both Season Six and Season Seven. Now they are complete and the series is fully ready to watch, just a little work is left on the trailer and poster. Hey guys let me tell you some good news regarding the release date. You people will easily be able to see this Charmsukh till the third week of January. Yes it is 100% confident. You will be able to watch this web series comfortably in the third week of January.

Now you guys see which slot is coming on Friday in the third week. According to that, you guys should understand that on which day it will be released. So come on, let's send a message that how excited are you guys to watch the web series? So this was just the update I wanted to give you guys. I hope you guys liked the update, so I'll go with this.

  • Jinni jaaz
  • Deepak Dutt Sharma 
Story type  Romantic and political.
Released platformullu app original
LanguageHindi, English, Tamil, talagu, Marathi, kannada.
Release date10 January 2023
Number of episodes6
Time duration 25 minutes .
Director SSK
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