I love you part 2 ullu hot web series full story watch online 2023


I love you part 2 ullu web series full storyline. 

In today's blog you guys are going to watch episode 4 of I love you part 2. Friends, in today's blog, I love you web series episode number four story is going to be explained with you, so without any delay let's move towards its story.

So in his story, we are shown two langotiya yaars, one named Akash and the other named Suraj. Now Akash tells his friend Suraj, friend, I liked a girl and you took her away too. Now I have liked another girl and I am not able to tell her I love you!

You tell me some way how to pacify her… Now Suraj says when you are not able to speak to her in front, then it is a simple thing to take her number and call her and say I love you. And now Akash likes this idea very much. Now Akash goes to his home and calls Prabha but here Prabha does not pick up the phone, her mom picks up the phone. Now Akash tells Prabha that since I have seen you, I have had sleepless nights. And I am just immersed in your thoughts, now Prabha's mom says to Akash,,, come on liar, when it is such a thing, why didn't you tell me earlier, now Akash says that this is the only specialty in me, whenever I am with you When I go near, I cannot share the filling of my heart with you. I am not spoken to. By the way, I like you very much. And as soon as he says this, he tells them that on this point you give me a ki*ss, now Prabha's mom gives a ki*ss to Akash. Where the sky does not swell with happiness and starts jumping loudly. Now in the morning we are shown Akash coming to Prabha's house. As soon as he rings the door bell, when Prabha opens the gate, Akash's mouth opens to see Prabha's mom because he had come to meet Prabha. Now Prava's mom tells Akash, son, come inside and have breakfast. Now Akash is having breakfast sitting on a table, now here Prabha's mom tells Akash whether you have a girlfriend or not? Now Akash says aunty, I liked girls a lot but I can't tell them my heart's words. And that's why I haven't got any girlfriend till date.

Now Prabha's mom says to Akash, hey, if you look at your right side, someone or the other will definitely become your girlfriend. Now Akash said that I liked another girl but I am not able to tell her my heart. Now Prabha's mom comes to Akash and holds Akash's hand and his neck and says to him first go to the girl, look into her eyes and then go a little closer and say I love you Tell me, can I kiss her later?

Now here Prabha's mom is about to kiss Akash**, at the same time Prabha calls her mom. And say mom my breakfast is ready? Now here Prabha's mom and Akash both get separated. Now Prabha's mother says to Prabha, yes son, breakfast is ready, come and eat it. Now as soon as Prabha comes down, she becomes very happy to see Akash and says to her mom, Mom, you didn't even tell me when Akash had come! Now his mom Prabha ko Vola just abhi abhi aaye Akash.

Then Prabha tells Akash, Akash I have to go shopping and no one is there to go shopping with me. You please come with me, now Akash also says yes and says ok I will go with you. Now on the other hand, we are shown that both Prabha and Akash go for shopping and have a lot of fun on the way. Now at night we are shown that Prabha is lying on her bed thinking about Akash, how she spent the whole day with Akash and here Akash is also lying on his bed and thinking about Prabha. I get lost. Now here Prabha's mom is also unable to control herself and calls Akash and says to Akash that ever since you said those things to me, I have had sleepless nights and only you I am lost in my thoughts. Till now even the sky would have said, as I have seen you, I too remain engrossed in your thoughts. At the same time, Tejashwi tells Akash that there is no one at home, you come quickly, now Akash comes running to home. Now Akash is also in his full form and Tejaswi is also in his full form.

And here Tejaswi suddenly turns on the light and Akash senses that she is an aunt and Akash tells her not to do all this, please.

But Auntie doesn't listen to this at all because Auntie's body is full of fire, now and here Akash also slowly regains his full form and starts giving Charamsukh to his Aunty Tejasvi. In this way, both of them extinguish the fire of their mind and with this, this episode four ends here.

So friends, what is going to happen in its next episode? Will Suraj be able to do Ding Dong with Prabha or not?

I love you part 2 ullu web Series cast name And full information.

  • Nikhil Parmar as Suraj
  • Neeta Sharma as Natasha
  • Poonam Rajput as Surekha
Poonam Rajput web series
Poonam Rajput photo.
  • Vishal Bhatt as Aakash
  • Neha Gupta as Prabha
Neha Gupta ullu web series

Story type  Romantic and suspense. 
Released platformullu app
LanguageHindi, English, tamil, talagu 
Release date10 January 2023
Number of episodes4
Time duration 31 minutes .
Director S kumar.

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