Top 5 hot ullu web series 2023


Friends, in today's blog, you are going to get a very good update, which is of the top five Ullu's hot web series, which you can see in 2023 i.e S year. In this you will get to see hot beauties like Priya Gamre, Muskan Aggarwal, Tania Chatterjee, Jinnie jaaz. So that's why must see the article completely. 📌

Hot ullu web series 2023

 1. watchman.

📌 This is the story of a watchman working in a building, who is crazy about three brothers living in the building, namely Mamta, Chhaya and Tanu. When he talks to his friend about their hotness, then his friend says that she will not come in your hands by talking within her limits, on which he tells his friend that I will suffocate only after beating these three and he will kill all three of them. He writes a letter after which what will happen. I will tell you this later. When the series will be released.

2. Rickshaw.

The story is about a rickshaw puller who falls in love with a penniless girl and one day he expresses his love to her. After which the girl becomes emotional seeing his love and marries the rickshaw puller. After which there is a new twist in the story which Jinnie is getting the jaaz rickshaw puller to do in this web series. For what is that work, you will have to watch the Bo web series.

3. Imli.

This is the story of a village girl who wants to become a heroin. He meets a boy one day and dreams of making heroin. He dreams of introducing her to the director. That girl is so beautiful and straight that the boy turns towards her. She starts practicing dance engrossed in her dreams. Will give further updates after the release of the series.

4. Namak.

This is the story of a married couple in which the husband praises his wife with other men and one day his boss comes to their house for dinner, then he gets his wife to cook food for his boss and his boss is also his wife. Gets attracted to the beauty of. Actually he makes his wife a means of earning money. Whoever likes his wife, he takes a good price from her to spend some moments with his wife. That means he deals with his wife's body.

5. Dream girl.

This story is about a woman who is engrossed in lustful thoughts. Actually, friends read such a book whose name is . Along with Rani, she reads the lessons of lust in that book and then she gets similar dreams and she gets inspired by this book and plays water.

So friend, this is the story of the top five web series that you can see in 2023, so if you like this blog in this article, then do a share.

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